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  1. Cheers for the Add :)

  2. I always thought "Bliss" was "give me all the piss and die in your mind" And does anyone know what the very last word of "Agitated" is?? I always hear it as "Emma" but that's just me being hopeful, 'cos it would make no sense
  3. Just came on to post the scans and saw someone already had....I'm a fail I loved this interview sooo much!! Massively overexcited about the next album though and it could be years away:(
  4. Can I keep Matt's "I like that fish because it reminds me of home" at the end of the Hove '10 interview which can be seen.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj0fPrf8nSY <there!
  5. Next weeks Kerrang! features and article on Muse entitles "A day in the life of Britain's biggest band"...out on wednesday 22nd. Thought ya'll ought to know so's you can go buy it
  6. Aaargh, to long to wait!!!! But hopefully worth it.
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