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  1. Hello, my question is: will you ever release the Hullabaloo and Absolution tours in a Blu-Ray or DVD format that can be watched in the North American region? Would love to be able to watch the older tours. Thanks!
  2. Got tix for this show as well as Philly. I don't care for this arena much but I can't wait!
  3. My friend made me a necklace to look like his, lol. He's been wearing it for a few years now I think. It probably has some significance or he just really likes it!
  4. I was #13 and my husband was #14. I actually got "2nd" row but STILL we were super close! Could practically reach out and touch them!
  5. Hey!!! I chatted with you in the queue! You were right behind me! =) I sill never get over how awesome this experience was.
  6. Best weekend ever! Was in NYC for both gigs and I'm still so thrilled and happy. The I Heart Radio gig was amazing. Never was I so close to the band before. It was very emotional and I still cannot believe my luck. The new song, Mercy, is great. I can't wait another month for the album!
  7. Yeah, I don't remember anyone singing along to the KOC riff before either. i thought it was pretty cool. =)
  8. LOL!! That's ok. My own husband didn't even friend me on here! He never goes on EVER though.

  9. I pretty much never hear Muse on the NY area radio stations. The only time it happened was on Z 100.3 and it was Madness so it was a while ago!
  10. It's about time we're friends on the message board! LOL

  11. I'm so nervous, it's making me feel sick. *fingers crossed*
  12. Muse inspires me and came into my life at a very appropriate time although I didn't realize it at first. I almost feel like answering the question of "what they mean to me" is too personal to discuss. I love this band and I feel very lucky to have found them. Along with my other favorite band, U2, their music has helped through dark moments and celebrated with me during the good times. Sorry to be corny but it's true.
  13. All I know is that I can't wait to hear what they do next. 2015 isn't that far off either if you think about it.
  14. Interesting to see what his perspective of the show is like and what he's doing. Thanks!
  15. Well said! And yes, thank you for the amazing music, incredible concert experiences and all the great memories associated with it. It's been an exciting year because of you. Love you lots! Healthy and Happy Holidays!
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