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    26 years of destroying the spineless
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    Western Siberia, Russia
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    all around and more
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    Florence + the Machine, Nothing But Thieves, Placebo, Diary of Dreams, Raised By Swans, Rammstein, Nightwish, London Grammar, The Pretty Reckless, Tarja Turunen, Within Temptation, Exitmusic, The Killers, Lacrimosa, Mylène Farmer, Hurts, Lisa Gerrard, Evanescence etc etc etc
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Showbiz (x2)
    Origin of Symmetry (x2 + Japanese Edition)
    Hullabaloo Soudtrack (2CD)
    Hullabaloo (2DVD)
    Absolution (x2)
    Absolution Tour
    Black Holes And Revelations
    H.A.A.R.P. (CD+DVD)
    The Resistance (CD+DVD)
    The 2nd Law
    Live at Rome Olympic Stadium (CD+DVD)
    Drones (CD, CD+DVD)
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    22/05/2011 - Moscow, Olympiski Arena
    22/11/2012 - Prague, O2 Arena
    21/06/2013 - Paris, Stade De France
    22/06/2013 - Paris, Stade De France
    19/06/2015 - Moscow, Park Live
    04/06/2016 - Prague, O2 Arena
    21/06/2016 - Moscow, Olympiski Arena
    15/06/2019- Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium
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  1. К сожалению, этот тред не очень популрен здесь
  2. Здрасти. Мьюз - хэдлайнеры, у них будет полноценное 2-х часовое выступление
  3. You like Björk too!

  4. Happy Birthday! :party:

  5. happy birthday!! :D

  6. Nothing surprising that you know only that fact about Siberia. :D Sometimes the weather is really cold in winter (for example, this winter was unreal long and cold even for our region - seven months as a whole with a very low temperature for a long time O_o), autumn and spring. But summer isn't very bad. It's quite warm and sunny...sometimes :D

    But... the worst thing from everything is remoteness from center of my country :( There is nothing interesting in my home city. So I'll move from here when I finish my education. :) Anyway, I wish I could do it.

    P.S. Sorry for my possible mistakes.:) I learn English for a long time but I haven't got a lot of practice.

  7. Samo here! It's finally Friday, the day I am waiting for every week! :D I see you live quite up in the North. May I ask how is it to live there? I've always been wondering about Siberia, the only thing I know is that it's freaking cold. :LOL:

  8. I'm very good, thanks :) And you?

  9. So am I :D How are you?

  10. Hello =) I'm glad to see you there :)

  11. Hello there! Thanks for accepting my invite :happy:

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