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  1. I looked up parking options for this arena, and it says : "Parking hours differ based on the individual garage or surface lot, and based on the event. Parking facilities open a minimum of three hours before the scheduled event and are open two hours after the conclusion of the event." I'd like to get there early to get a good spot, but don't know if the parking lots will be open. Any of you have experience with parking for this venue?
  2. I think you will see me in GA next time! ;)

  3. Oh, no, I wasn't at the Private Show...I was just on this thread because I wanted to see Hyena's photos from that! I wish I'd been there, though!
  4. Yes there is! I have some photos here if you don't believe me It's a tiny place where the locals wonder what keeps happening to their signs. If you look at the photos, I think there's one that used to say Muse 1 mile, with an arrow, but the sign was broken by someone. NOT ME! I have no way of cutting through a metal road sign.
  5. That was the first time i heard Animals live too! It was nice to meet you. I'll see you in GA next time...right? :)

  6. Thank you for posting your photos. They are really great! (I'm Sarah...I was to your left at this show).
  7. Hey hey! How was the show for you? I had a great time - they played Animals! Yay! - but I seriously missed being on the floor. It was nice to meet you!

  8. Was that not the most exciting night of your life?! I hope you make it home safely. It.s really bad out there. Great that it didn't snow until after we got inside the venue!
  9. Hard to say with the rainy/icy weather that's predicted. ???
  10. Ha ha ha! I might not be a good person to ask! I am crazy and went almost straight there after the show the night before in Cincinnati. We just unloaded our stuff at the Red Roof Inn and then went to the venue! If you go to my profile page on here, there are some photos of the crazy bunch of us. But...that was in October, and except for the cold night, the weather was GREAT all day. So we got there around 3am. Then the next group arrived around 6 or 7am. I think by 2pm there were a hundred fans lined up. I'm not yet sure what I'll do this time. It depends on the weather. Oh, one good thing about this venue. There is a lobby area with bathrooms that are open all day. The closest hotel is the Red Roof Inn. It's quite a walk, but it worked for us.
  11. Cool! I think we are the only Musers around. Actually there is a local band called 'Veracity' that are influenced by Muse. My husband picked up a free cd at the Grindhouse Cafe (St. C.), because he saw that they liked Muse. They do a lot of arpeggios, and much better baselines that any other high school aged bands. There singer needs improvement, but they are already way beyond your typical 3-chord band.
  12. I have a seated ticket that I need to sell. It's section 127, row 3. I'll sell it for $50, or best offer. I bought it for myself, but now that there's a Columbus gig, I'd rather go to that one. I wish I could do both, but...well, the cost of gas...i live 2 hours from each city. Ugh! I wish I had a money tree.
  13. Haha you're welcome~

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