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    Hey i'm Micky, Muse was the first band i ever loved <3 But when i'm not listening to Muse i'm playing footy or watching the cricket.
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    Music, sport and more music.
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    Karnivool, Birds Of Tokyo, The Butterfly Effect, System Of A Down, Arctic Monkeys, The Temper Trap, Radiohead, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, Secondhand Serenade, Enter Shikari, My Chemical Romance, Snow Patrol, Emarosa, Dream Theater, 30 Seconds To Mars, Escape The Fate, The Strokes, Rage Against The Machine, The Killers, Foo Fighters, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Pendulum, Chiodos, Sick Puppies, Dance Gavin Dance, Tool, Prodigy, Fall Out Boy, Sugar Army, Eskimo Joe, Rise Against, Killswitch Engage, Bloc Party, Dead Letter Circus, Trivium, Florence And The Machine, Biffy Clyro, Ours, The Exit and much much more :D
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    War films ftw.
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    Top Gear, one of the only good shows on television these days.
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    The inheritance series was a good read. The movie was crap though.
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    I don't have enough money to buy stuff :( I only have BHAR and The Resistance + H.A.A.R.P. Had to download the others via torrents, sorry Muse.
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    Got my ticket to Steel Blue Oval December 19th in the Muse-fan pre-sale!
  1. Showbiz: Overdue (Has a good build up but the chorus could be so much more) OoS: Hyper Music (Mainly because i love Hyper Chondriac Music so dearly) Hullabaloo: Ashamed (Epic outro, the rest is good but not great) Absolution: The Groove (Liking it recently, but has tough competition) BHAR: Exo-politics (Hard choice, it's a great song but tbh i love the rest of the album just that little bit more) TR: Guiding Light (Gahh cheese! Love the solo though) Absolution>OoS>BHAR>Hullabaloo>TR>Showbiz>Radiohead
  2. Sorry if anyone misunderstood but i wasn't trying to put down Muse with the title of this thread I love Muse and i give each song equal chance of me liking it so please give me a brake. The only way i could stop myself from liking their new songs is listening to them with a negative approach. I embrace all their music and the way i feel about it is the way Muse MAKE me feel about it and my feelings are my own. Thank you...
  3. Oh don't get me wrong i actually love their new stuff, but i've always had to warm into it rather than be just blown away. I may have exaggerated abit in my descripition Part of me is just begging for some rock and if it doesn't come back i will be definately dissapointed, that's all i'm saying I wasn't having a go at Muse
  4. Throughout my many listens to The Resistance and Neutron Star Collision i have come to the conclusion that the only reason i can't appreciate their latest music (still love it) as much as their older music is that i keep comparing them. If The Resistance or NSC was the only stuff from Muse i had ever heard i just know i would never have any doubts about it and fall in love immediately. But since i know older Muse, when i listen to new stuff i always have a moment when i think how much better it would be if it had Matt's range or the dark atmosphere from Absolution for example. I can't help it I'm beginning to wonder if Muse will ever produce such passionate music again. I mean as amazing as their latest album was, their old style was so original, deep, powerful and perfect. Why are they moving away from that? When they perform live songs like PIB and SS they just dominate and they rock with such passion. Surely they wan't to go back to their roots? Please Muse, one more rock album and i'll be satisfied. Anyway is there anyone else who feels the same way?
  5. Live Moments: Matt's 'war cry' at the end of SS at Rock AM 2004 Matt's spins after the first riff in CE at BDO Sydney 2004 The way Matt plays the outro to Space Dementia in Hullabaloo Dom unleashing on drums when Matt runs into the stage after PIB, HAARP Every Chris bassline, they're all awesome And finally "COME ON WEMBLEY!!!!!!!!!" Recording moments: The 'break down' in Showbiz (2:02) The vocabulary used in TIRO When the guitar starts in Starlight Listening to Glorious for the first time and hearing the piano emerge from the intro "Go!" Assassin The entire US bridge The perfect lyrics "Come to be! How did it come to be? Tied to a rail road, no love to set us free." Hoodoo
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