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    I'm a girl.
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    I dont watch to much T.V.
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    The Sherlock Holmes Mysteries.
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  1. I would like to live in another country, like USA, England or Italy.

    Spanish is easy for me because it is very similar to Portuguese.

    I agree with you, it can be hard but it's fun learning a new language. It's always good knowing speak many languages and it can be really useful :)

  2. Chicago can be fun, but I find other countries more exciting. As do many people ;)

    I speak some Spanish as well and I am learning Italian. Which isn't that hard if you know Spanish...

    Learning different languages can be sooo tough but also very fun.


  3. Yes, English is my second language but I also speak Spanish.

    How many languages do you speak?

    Yes, I'm very lucky to live here :D

    You don't like to live in Chicago?

  4. Is English your second language?

    You are very lucky to live there. :D

  5. Well, that does put a damper on things. Where did you hear that? And yes, definitely need to get another show in before the end of the world. OMG! Alright, I'm listening to Muse (obviously) and for the last 15 minutes, every time I am typing a word Matt ends up singing it as I type.
  6. I love living in Portugal but I would like to live in Lisbon because it's the capital. And Portugal is a very beautiful country :D

    You're right, Portuguese it's a hard language to learn. In Portuguese, the words have lots of synonymous and the verb tenses are many.

  7. I agree! Absolution is probably my fav but I tend to change my fav album and song all the time.

    I can never stay constant with something.

  8. Absoluton's mt fave, heard TIRO on the radio, had to hear more.

  9. I'm from Chicago :p

    How do you like living there?

    I love to travel and thats one of the places I'd love to visit.

    The language is so beautiful but seems so complicated.

    I'm listening to "Hate this and I'll love you"

    Pretty much going through all of Showbiz


  10. That's great :) I'm listening Muse too. I'm listening "Dead Star" and about you? :musesign:

    I'm from Portugal, and you?

  11. Do you have a favorite album?

    Yeah my friend got me into Muse.

    I owe it all to her :D

  12. I'm great!

    Just listening to Muse...

    as usual lol

    where are you from?

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