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  1. You have the best forum avatar, so artsy :)

  2. I've not checked the "who's the newest member" thing, but it's you, enjoy.



  3. Awesome Men in Black parody.

  4. Merry Xmas to you too

  5. Lol, thanks for the signature quote.

  6. Du Riechst so gut is magnificent, I was so upset they've decided to leave it off the Lifad tour.

  7. Knowing this competition, you'll still probably be in the top 5 lol

  8. Cheers for the add, scary being the new kid

  9. Cheers, hello. I love how you joined on christmas day btw :)

  10. Thanks, and TY for the add.

  11. Sehsucht as an album, fave song changes all the time, usually Ich Will though

  12. Saw you're name browsing a thread, got to comment, best name on the forums

  13. Yeah I'm good, just amazed at how insanely good this userbase is, no other forum takes the social stuff between members as seriuosly as musers do

  14. Yeah, 2 days or so. It's a shame I was gonna sign up last september but "thethoughtpolice" was taken and I wanted a clever-ish name.

  15. It's Emmanuel, I think my parents made some kind of a drunken bet or something, but I just go by Manny

  16. Thanks, I find it wears out its welcome after 17 years. But that's life

  17. Cheers, I thought it ought to be spacey.

  18. That's cool, dunno if I could change mine without feeling weird about it

  19. Thought I'd comment that your art's awesome

  20. The post apocalyptic journey that is Absolution. What about you?

  21. I get a bit put off by the resistance's cheesy-ness but at the same time its comforting to know its there when I'm in the mood for it. And obviously OoS is godly


    whoops, put that on my wall instead

  22. That's the beauty of Muse I guess, there's always something different to hear.


    Dammit did the wall thing again

  23. Yeah, one of these days I'll get it, anyways I'm gonna attempt to get some sleep now


    Cheers again, speak to you later

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