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  1. I've not checked the "who's the newest member" thing, but it's you, enjoy.



  2. I copied it from the main site, it doesn't say if it is the proper art or not but I hope it is.

  3. What's all this about you "keeping" Reading 2011? :wtf:



  4. Knowing this competition, you'll still probably be in the top 5 lol

  5. Merry Xmas to you too

  6. It's just such a fantastic varied album, trying to get some idea of everyone's favorite.


    No one shares my absolute love of Immunize though :(

  7. Out of interest, what do you think are the strongest songs from Immersion?

  8. Cheers, I thought it ought to be spacey.

  9. Awesome Men in Black parody.

  10. I just had to add you on the offchance that was a Death-Proof quote in your sig.



  11. Thanks, and TY for the add.

  12. Lol, thanks for the signature quote.

  13. Aw thank you, your avatar's really cool

  14. Du Riechst so gut is magnificent, I was so upset they've decided to leave it off the Lifad tour.

  15. Sehsucht as an album, fave song changes all the time, usually Ich Will though

  16. Pretty good, having a lazy sunday, yourself?

  17. No problem, I love Rammstein, kinda rare to find peeps who love them and Muse

  18. You're very welcome, hope you're doing ok getting to grips with Myooze

  19. Don't think I could leave somone with Pwoper in their name alone :)

  20. No probs, as I always say "Bliss is awesome"

  21. Thought I'd comment that your art's awesome

  22. Absoluton's mt fave, heard TIRO on the radio, had to hear more.

  23. Oh Yeah, I can't even remember when I first started loving them, just new here

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