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  1. I take loads of photos. During that storm I held the camera for so long that my hands became numb Lightnings fascinate me so I'll try to research on how to capture them easier. I'm a novice in photography so there's much to learn
  2. It was so nice and refreshing after several veeery hot days. Everytime after capturing a lightning in a photo I feel so proud of myself
  3. My first post in this thread!! Seen the band live for the first time ever and.... I'm back at the Muse phase (this time it got even worse - I'm at this thread ) Just want to share one of my fav photos (couldn't manage to post it in a spoiler).... Gotta love his face here:facemelt:
  4. Can't stop thinking about Chris. It looks as if his mike was off. And he seemed to put so much heart in the singing
  5. Managed to connect thanks to this . I spent TWO days trying to figure out how to make it work However, can't wait!
  6. Is BBC2 going to broadcast the full performance? (I want to see it LIIIIVE) 'Cause there ARE some sites that can stream BBC channels. But video quality is quite terrible of course
  7. Is there any way to see it live online outside the UK? :/
  8. Ok, after reading all the comments I feel calmer They came to our country a week ago for the first time ever (it was also the first time I was seeing them live) and I couldn't stop thinking about how silent they were, so concentrated on their instruments as if they came here only to do their job as fast as they can and eventually go home. I was like "C'mon, guys, you're visiting us for the first friggin time ever, notice us!!" But as I understand they're always like that. Yes, Matt did say something like "Thank you, Kaunas" during the concert and at the end of it he and Dom (who did a lot more speaking but I couldn't understand a word he was saying) said a few words. Maybe I just didn't know what to expect and don't know them so well and so I've started to carp at them. As I see now, I should be (and hell I am) amazingly grateful to have had the opportunity to see such a band live
  9. Turiu kelias nuotraukas nelabai išplaukusias (daugiau filmavau), tik su 5mp nelabai įspūdingos Galiu įmest čia, bet aišku intike yra šiek tiek profesionalių. http://www.delfi.lt/veidai/muzika/muse-kaune-tukstanciams-gerbeju-nunese-stoga.d?id=71591816 http://kauno.diena.lt/galerijos/vaizdai/kaunas-griaudejo-muse-ritmu-756027 http://zmones.lrytas.lt/muzika/sou-kokiu-buna-retai-kauno-arena-drebino-britu-rokeriai-muse.htm jesuschristkaipašjuosmyliugrįžofangillaikųjausmas
  10. ikr dar užsimiegojus įsijungiu Facebooką ir nesuprantu ką matau: Muse ir Kaunas vienam sakiny??? Damn, greičiau tą bilietą nusipirkus :D
  11. same!! Sorry for the late reply :eek:


    what did you have done? :p


    I know! The weather is dreadful, we've only had a couple of nice days and it's actually spring!


    Yeah I have :LOL: It was so funny, I laughed for ages! And yeah, they start half way through this year I think... Kate even brought a house in London to suit them :D


    Mine was later, don't worry about it :LOL:


    I'm okay, what about you? :)

  12. Oh my.. I haven't been here for soooo long :eek::facepalm:


    I'm good :happy: Got new haircut so I'm trying to get used to it :chuckle:


    Well it doesn't seem that the spring is comming... There's a lot of snow AGAIN and it's sooo cold outside :mad: Endless winter :noey:


    Haha have you watched NME interview with Matt and Dom? They were drunk! :LOL: I haven't seen them like that :D And they said that they're going to make another album in London soon! :awesome: I hope it's true.


    Tell me about it.. I don't like replying so late especially after 20 days of getting the message :stunned:


    How are you? :p

  13. I will! :D I still can't seem to find it, and it doesn't help that I don;t have time to find it :(


    I might have to watch that :p Maybe after I've answered all my messages though :chuckle:


    Gooood :D Me too, it's really not nice having cold witer wind :noey: But at least we've had blue skies :) I'm glad you can feel it getting warmer!! :happy:


    I can't wait :D Lady Gaga and Muse :awesome: I'm am actually buzzing! What date are they on? Two weeks time right? :p


    Oh good because I haven't been on here since I sent you the last message :LOL: I feel bad replying late :$


    How have you been? :D

  14. :LOL: It was the one where Homer goes into 3D land and cant get home and the one where he eats that fish and they think he is going to die! It truly is sad. x
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