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  1. For as horrifically bad SH, DD, & to some extent TC are, this song is the complete opposite. I haven't been this obsessed over a Muse song in some time. It's exactly what I had been hoping for with this Muse 80s style they've been trying to do. Vocals are basically Dead Inside mixed with Micro Cuts Also, Panic Station immediately after Dark Side is an incredible combo imo.
  2. I honestly feel like Matt's vocals have been the biggest thing ruining all 3 of these songs. I can't handle the groany, moany, whispery creeper vocals. I'd probably like SH a lot more if the vocals weren't so cringey.
  3. I'm lazy...can anyone confirm what time this gig starts if I live in US Eastern Time Zone? Even if no stream I'm gonna live & die by any posts/tweets/IG clips I can find!
  4. Sober Screenager Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Starlight I Belong to You Explorers Aftermath = Worst Song they've ever done. I hate it so much. Worse than Neutron Star Collision. I've listened to it a dozen times at least. It's the cheesiest, lamest attempt at a sincere song ever. I can handle most Muse-cheese. I can't handle this one. Only blemish on the album.
  5. Logged in right at 10am...got 120 row 13? Now I'm seeing options for much lower rows (5-6 range). I guess I'd rather be a bit up in case the stage is a bit higher. Might be a better view a few more rows up. Oh well. Either way I'm STOKED. Damn pricey though. But...it's Muse. I still paid, and I know it'll be worth it. Can't wait to see what this stage set up looks like.
  6. From what I have seen live (and remembered...so Resistance tour onward) here are my favorites... Exogenesis Part 1 (the TR tour towers really put this one at the top) Map of the Problematique (always awesome) Supermassive Black Hole (I just think this always sounds fantastic live) Hysteria (all time favorite Muse song) Agitated (first part set closer during T2L tour was so so badass) Resistance (another one that just sounds so epic live imo) Ruled By Secrecy (Whole crowd got silent during this and turned an arena show into an intimate performance...goosebumps) Songs I want to hear the most that I haven't (that I remember...saw them during the Black Holes tour but I was such a casual fan I didn't absorb most of it...and I hate myself for that)... All of the Drones songs (just waiting for the US tour) Butterflies & Hurricanes Showbiz Big Freeze (yeah that's right) Shrinking Universe The Small Print Space Dementia Bliss Micro Cuts Dark Shines
  7. I own both the deluxe and regular editions and both played perfectly fine for me. The mix itself sounds a little off, but nothing to do with the quality of the pressing. Maybe give the records a cleaning to see if that helps? What type of record player do you have?
  8. I like your theory because it hints at secret B Sides to fill in the missing part of the story Or a part 2 album like Radiohead never did with KoL. But seriously, that's a cool way to look at it. Good read.
  9. I absolutely LOVE the B & W. Gives it more of a surreal look & I think enhances the intense nature of their performances. I love the use of it on the Rome video also. The perfect transition from B & W to color during Follow Me is my favorite part of the whole thing & I don't even care for that song.
  10. I've liked this song from the start, but I am growing even more fond of it the more I listen to it. I think the transitions are done a lot better than people (including myself) have given Muse credit for. And the lyrics at the end match up flawlessly with the way the piano part unfolds, imo. "A trillion memories lost in space and time forevermore" gives me the feels. The way it's sung with the music just paints a perfect picture for me thinking about the universe being destroyed and literally nothing is left.
  11. This album has definitely not stood the test of time. I'll listen to it on occassion but nothing really stands out anymore. The Resistance is light years better than this one.
  12. Hysteria Space Dementia Hyper Chondriac Music Fury Butterflies & Hurricanes Reapers The Globalist Showbiz Take A Bow Uprising Just off the top of my head.
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