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  1. HELLOO NINSP !!! im back omg its been a while since I've been here haha ill be there prob since 9am. as always.... im just trying to figure out which side will matt be.. yesterday they had the concert in mexico and im gonna ask some friends how was it with that weird stage.. we'll see. so exciting!!
  2. no, the one from denver was just the MUSE logo, with the background black and muse in like a flag or something,? i saw it on my phone , but it was lame this new one is too, i dont think it looks like muse at all! break dancing???
  3. look what the denver station has on their website, i dont remmember this design from yesterdays finalists. http://area93.com/pages/events_concerts.html?feed=104957&article=308301
  4. i know! but then what would be the reason they are changing the finalists? if its only to ADD 9 more, then its cool, but it sounded like they are pulling some... maybe i still have a chance... :/ what other rules were broken by the finalists from yesterday?
  5. OMGGGGGG whats going onn???? picking 9 more????????? wowww this is getting intresting, i guess they are pulling some of the designs that werent from there??? ahhhhhhh
  6. yes he should win the some other ones are crapy, im sooo bummeddddd whyyyyyy did i send it to the denver station they have no idea what they are doing. here is my design.. ohh well im still making it into a poster its all handmade and it says MUSEMUSEMUSE all over.. the other picture is zooomed in.. im so bummed....
  7. thats awsome! congrats! Couture your design is so cool i was showing them at work and everyone agreed, hah mannn im soo stressed about the Denver station... they are not showing any of the finalists and as far as I know , they didnt let them know they are finalists, they are just waiting on muse to decide the winner of that station.. in the denver one, the winner of the top 5 gets a flip cam too! pretty cool , no one here has been talking about the denver one but me i think... hopefully that means im still a contender... we'll see...
  8. haha there is always something in every competition.. the same happened with the myspace get close with muse, matt i remmembered you showed the cds or books or something with the logo and the rules said we coudnt so i think they do the rules so there is more control but if someone does break them they dont care...
  9. well the first concert is soon, so they have to pick the winners of each station asap!
  10. omg, just got an email from the denver radio station my heart dropped!!! but it was just a reply from the one i send asking about the contest, they said they submitted the 5 finalists to muse and they are waiting on them to choose a winner... looks like its gonna take forever .... they didnt say anything about who are the finalists
  11. so i just called the denver radiostation and asked if they know anything about the muse contest, and goodman said like what contest? and i said the tshirt, and he was like ohh! well muse is making the contest is not part of the station but send me an email and i will see what i can find out... anyways.. we'll see... i explained on the email that the radio staion is supposed to pick five finalists and then MUSE picks one because on their website they have this: WE'VE NARROWED IT DOWN TO OUR TOP 5! We've have a winner soon! that kind of makes it look like they are picking the winner... but we'll seee im dying here
  12. well he might win the local one, but WE are the ones voting, so obviously if we dont think he deserves it , then we wont vote for him i dont like it that much anyways
  13. omg this is just insane thats what i thought in the first place, that muse.mu should put the rules for everyone but anyways ... its done... im so nervous about this, im from houston, tx and submitted to the denver station because that was the cheapest airflight from houston, haha i did put on my email that i will be willing to fly there for the concert ,,, but i was super nervous they wouldnt get it or somehting, and wanted to submited to several stations just in case, but of course i follow the rules... and now i might get screwed because i did i canttt stop stressing about this i do think i have a chance... hope they say something soon have anyone received any emails or calls from 93.3 ???
  14. Guys anyone here submitted to Denver??? I just noticed in their website they said they all ready picked 5 finalists to wait for the winner... Don't they know they have to send all 5 and that MUSE picks the winner??? I'm sooo stresseddd
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