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  1. Yeah, I've been busy too! Plus there's not so much news about Muse at the moment, so I don't come on here as often :) But it's nice to hear from you! And I'm fine too, thanks :) Busy with school? I've got an exam in 10 days, but after that I'm pretty much already done with my exams and courses :dance:

    The hotel was so nice, and yeah, I'm really glad I didn't see a ghost! But I did get to see the attic, there was a friendly construction guy who took me up there, I had to climb a really fragile ladder :LOL:

    I'd love to go, especially since the Roskilde line up is not very good! But it's quite expensive, plus I haven't really got anyone to travel with, and I certainly don't want to go on my own ... so I don't really know yet :(

  2. Haha it's okies. I have been quite busy myself. Got a busy week ahead of me too... Been invited to a BBQ party on Sunday :dance:. Free food and free booze and a great party with people who I know? Can't get any better then that :happy:. I am also spending some time with my boyfriend and going on shopping trips :happy:


    I more than just wish we heard it at Manchester! I am sure we will hear it at some point in our lives :happy:


    She could sell her ticket on Ebay? I earned a profit on selling my P!ATD tickets the other day. I gained about £10 profit. Not much but still. I had to sell them because I have other plans which I have to go to. I am seeing them at Leeds anyway :happy:

    I think I am going to our local Jazz festival in Nantwich but that's about it really... There is one in my town too where Funeral for a Friend are playing but I can't go :erm:... Sucks. My best friend's band is supporting them too... I wish i was going to glastonbury!


    I have been good :happy: You?

    And not really. Just been out and about and seeing local bands really :). You?

  3. same, im so sorry for my late reply i havent been on here for ages and ive been pretty busy


    im good thank you, yourself?


    so how was the book project with the hotel? :) that would have been pretty cool to have seen a ghost but incredibly scary :eek::LOL:


    i would have loved to have gone as the line up looks amazing, but i really cant afford it :( how about you? are you going? :)

  4. ahhhhhh sorry for the really late reply but ive been so busy and i havent been on the board properly in ages :(


    i know bliss is such a good song :yesey: wish it was at manchester, but next time hopefully we see them we're hear it :p


    oooh penduleum, nice :D yeah my friends brought tickets now one of them cant go so she is stuck with a ticket :LOL: im going to one festival this year, its only a little festival down the road from me :) not amazing artists but it should be pretty good :) so are you going to any other festivals?


    how are you? been up to anything interesting? :)

  5. I'm sorry, it's been sooooo long since the last time I checked my mailbox! How are you doing? :) My trip to the hotel is over now, and luckily it went really well! There were no ghosts ... or at least I didn't see any, and I'm glad I didn't! :LOL: It was a little bit spooky there though, especially at the weekend, since I was clearly one of the only guests there! But I had a nice time and I got to write a lot!

    Are you considering going to Reading or Leeds? Cause I'm really tempted to go now ... but it's expensive :(

  6. and that is why i am a member of the PDT *grabs passport and looks at his picture* bahahahahahaha he looks so scared in the first two pictures and is that a picture of matt on the back of that mazagine?
  7. They are rather strange but rather amusing!! :LOL:

    :LOL: It's better then trying to think of it on your own?


    Are you feeling good with this stockholme syndrome?


    Probably too many for me to afford :chuckle: It's usually around 5-15.

    I hope they do too but i swear to god if they play bliss i will be crying my eyes out knowing if i had the money i would be there!


    :yesey: Metal/rock they have avenged sevenfold though and system of a down and other bands like penduleum! :yesey: I will be in spain then, the line up has been announced a couple of weeks back... It's pretty rubbish in my eyes to be honest lol.


    Indeed you are!

  8. ah awesome :happy: i will look around on the internet for it :)

    the editting was horrible but its done now, my friend is just going over it to smooth out any bits

    what was you're dream about the hotel about? wow that hotel looks amazing!!! :D have a great time and tell me how it went :D i hope it isnt haunted :p:LOL:

    that sounds nice :) im good thank you, how are you?

  9. Yeah, it was at the cinema. But they only showed it once, it's a couple of years old I think, so you can get it on dvd as well I think :)

    The movie sounds really nice :happy: But it must have been a difficult task editing :eek:

    I know it might be haunted :eek: I actually dreamt last night that it was :LOL: Yeah, I'm laughing about it, but I'm seriously a bit scared :LOL: It's about 100 years old and looks like this: http://www.koldingfjord.dk/hotel-koldingfjord/ It'll be really exciting too, I'm looking very much forward to it, even though I am scared :LOL:

    This weekend I went to my friend's birthday party, it was fun :) How about you? How are you doing?

  10. i know! im worried about him and his fashion sense yeah i know totally know where you're coming from like my friend is training to be a hair dresser and she was like let me cut your fringe i was like i mean ummm i like it how it is me too *gets up and wipes brow* yes im fine probably better than i was before after reading that
  11. sweaty see there they are! they're the ones who voted over and over again untill their leader won sexiest male for the 4th time running! *dies* yeah, my teacher went out for a moment and he was like check it out and lifted his tank top (seriously a tank top ) up i was like arhhhhh! where do i look!!!! i should imagine he will, i mean he had his friend tattoo him once and when he showed it me you couldnt even tell what it was it was like a blob wanna ride on my magic carpet
  12. chicken condoms????? lol what? :LOL:

    i cant :( but me and my friend drew a (very poor) diagram of the stage and drew on were people we saw and i have met on the board on :LOL:


    :LOL::LOL: i was untill i caught stockholme sydrome!!!!! :facepalm::chuckle:


    wow that is pretty hardcore! i would love to do that! how many dates are on the uk tour?

    oh really? i hope they do :D ive been watching them when they headlined in 2006 and it is mindblowing :awesome:


    download? is that the metal or rock festival? or am i thinking of a different one, aw thats a shame, is it the same time you're in spain?

    yeah i really want too, im going to stop spending and save up :D i really really want to go to, has the line up been annouced yet?


    mwhahaha im so evil blackmailing her :p:LOL:

  13. it was a drama romance about 3 people in a love triangle, i think it went ok, i just got to edit over 3 hours of footag down to 10-15 minutes :eek::LOL:

    ah i love arcade fire! :happy: was it at the cinema?

    that sounds great! :D and that is so cool about staying in the hotel :) how old is it? i might be haunted :eek::chuckle:

    my weekend was alright, i didnt do very much, how was yours? :happy:

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