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  1. Ohh, thank YOU! Getting that pick for me was unbelievably kind of you! Yes, I treasure that little yellow beauty. Thank you so much! It was very rewarding seeing what could have been disastrous, turn out so beautifully for you. I hope to see you in the queue and at the barrier again!
  2. Oh, but we know this is a perfectly normal response to Muse... So glad your night turned out well! I was next to your friend and yelled at the jerk behind you who snatched away your glasses. I was worried about you, since that sort of thing can really ruin your entire gig experience. But then I was thrilled when you got the pick, and ecstatic when Dom handed you the drumstick. And how could you not be happy when Matt makes eye contact with you and holds his mic out to you?? I found a couple of YouTubes of those moments (forgive my lack of embedding skills). Undisclosed: http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsBijWWLwlQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player Starlight & Survival (with mic, Dom handing you the drumstick, and Matt blowing you a kiss): http:// Loved the show. I don't know how I'm going to wait so long to see them again...
  3. I'm definitely going! Has anyone here ever been to OSL? I've heard that in past years there have been problems, disorganization, and people generally haven't been too happy with it...Any personal experiences? Just curious; I'm going either way.
  4. Come on, guys. Even with one less song, the gigs are phenomenal. I can say that after having been to the infamous Sacramento show, where, though it was shortened AND the venue was awful and the guys lacked energy, the performance was incredible. We had a blast in Sacto, and I don't doubt that people who attended last night were largely having an amazing time. It's awful to come here to the forums still on a high after the gig and see that everyone's disparaging your awesome show. Whether you enjoyed the show isn't ALL about the setlist. I don't know why Muse decided to start leaving out a song or two for smaller venues, but honestly, while you're there in the crowd, it doesn't detract too much. This. Glad you enjoyed it.
  5. I have no words for how phenomenal that concert was. We got barrier just left of center, and the crowd had more energy than all the shows I've been to, combined, multiplied... When Exo 1 started instead of WATU, all of us were staring at each other in shock. Some of us thought it might have been a mistake, since the graphics of the people climbing the stairs was up on the curtains, but the graphic part was shortened. And after that we felt like ANYTHING could happen... Then Map started, and we went crazy. And then...KoC?! On the pillars?? It was awesome. I've never been in a crowd like that. So much energy, all of us completely lost in the moment. With two songs from the encore being played within the first 3 slots, we had NO IDEA what was coming next. I have to say that we bursted out laughing when Feeling Good started. The whole show was strange and wonderful, with the pillar arrangements different for almost the entire thing (this is my 4th time seeing them on the TR tour). We got the MK Jam, which was awesome. Dom was on the left pillar for that one, so closer to us than I've ever seen him. UD was played with Dom and Chris still on the pillars. Uprising on the ground, all pillars lowered. WOW. No Newborn. We were all certain that was a lock. We were pleasantly wrong about so many of our expectations. I have to say again that the crowd in the Pepsi Center was fantastic. With an intro like that, and then going from one awesome song to another with hardly a space between (and playing KoC that early), we were pretty ecstatic early on. We carried Starlight, HOTRS, TIRO, and PiB. Muse was having a blast, with Matt talking more to the crowd than I've ever seen and jumping around, in full form (not just compared with Sacramento...though that was fresh in my memory. It was like two completely different bands). Oh, and the dedication to Bell was very moving. Can't hear Starlight the same way now. We knew there would be a 2nd encore, and the possibilities were wide open...No one around me expected TaB. So epic. (I guess I'll have to make the jog to Europe to hear CE live. Darn it.) Compared to the other Muse shows I've seen, this was by far the very best. They were amazing. The crowd was amazing. We didn't want them to stop playing. I wish I could relive it again and again.
  6. Ohh, Sacramento... After driving for 12 hours to get here, waiting all day in the sun (meeting awesome board members from all over), and getting the barrier on Matt's side, I was ready to have a blast. And it WAS amazing. The show was fantastic, and I thought that many of the performances were the best I've seen yet. In the moment I had a great time. Being my third time seeing them on this tour, I expected a similar setlist. I got the exact same one, minus MotP, that I've seen twice before. That was fine. That they started late was forgivable. And I could tell there was something wrong, that Matt lacked energy. He barely looked at the crowd. It was still a fantastic show. Someone said that Muse at their worst are still mind-blowing, and it's absolutely true. They were incredible. But then today I come here and find out that Matt didn't want to be there. We were shorted a song. We have been dubbed the worst gig on the tour. I'm trying not to be mad about it; after all, why should we have been shortchanged?! But the truth is it was a great experience. I've wondered, should we in the US expect good shows only in LA now? But honestly, it was fine. And in the moment I frankly didn't care. I loved being there. If that was Muse at their worst, they still tore the roof off the place.
  7. At the past 2 concerts I've attended, they didn't let you bring in your own water bottles; you had to buy theirs and they took off the caps and kept them. But in SLC the security at the barrier gave out full bottles to anyone who needed them (not sure if that's standard? That was my only time at the barrier). Not sure what Arco's policy is. I'm full of nervous energy today. So excited for this!! Fingers tightly crossed for CE.
  8. Oh good...I'm going to be in the queue with a friend and will need to leave the line to pick up my sister when she's off work...I've been worried about it. Two more days! Looking forward to meeting you all on Tuesday! Overpacking snacks sounds like a brilliant idea...
  9. So excited!! A year ago I thought that the people who travel around just to see Muse several times per year were a little obsessive, but now I completely understand. It's absolutely worth the trip. I'm glad you're able to make it to Sacto to see them again.
  10. I've been lurking through this thread for months, but I haven't been very vocal... Sacramento's my hometown, but I live out of state now and will be driving in the weekend before. I will be queuing at the venue at 9 am, and it sounds like I will meet many of you there. So excited! One month from tomorrow!!
  11. YKYATMW your kids say this to you while learning their alphabet: "What starts with A?" "Apple!" "Good! What starts with B?" "Bat!" "Yes! And what starts with C?" "Absolution!" "...? Um, what?" "C for absolution!"
  12. It's settled. I'm singing it as "where've you been?" from now on. Maybe because it sounds exactly like 'waaaaaaaaawoh'! Seriously, who hears 'wallow' on the first listen? (or the 20th?) I'd love to hear more, Miki!
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