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  1. me neither. regardless of how "quality" of a set your show got its at least promising to see Muse play such a varied amount of songs. hopefully theyll build on that as they go to the next tour.
  2. yeah unfortunately thats the case sometimes. when i saw them in philly they had played a great set in Pittsburgh the night before. they either flew/drove a long ways overnight and then just went through the motions the next day with a standard set and not a lot of energy. drawbacks of busy touring.
  3. i know theres a tab for the MWAH intro, but does anyone have the ending chord he tremolos on while chris is running
  4. if it does happen i feel they'll announce it in close proximity to the dates to make sure that local fans are the ones in attendance. i feel like they've really tried to make it known they want to play the shows for those native to the area, so people from other country's cant fly in and take their place. just my opinion.
  5. would i check the disc cover to verify that? i bought it from the US merch store EDIT: it says region code "ABC" on it. thats all ive seen so far
  6. i have a Blu Ray player on my laptop and it still didnt work. bleh...if/when you find a DVD rip let me know, would be very interested
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