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  1. If you go where you stand you should be able to relieve yourself and keep your spot
  2. Yeah I'm hoping with the exclusive nature of the show that won't hold true here
  3. I feel ours could be a tad longer... They spread a lot of treats out over 6 shows. They're only doing two of that variety here
  4. Highly recommend staying super hydrated for anyone waiting online. High is 77 and humidity is already 95% this morning.
  5. I wouldn't expect the line to really grow until 3ish when people start escaping work early and such
  6. I highly doubt she'd lie to me. Knowing some of the characters, I believe it
  7. Just talked to a friend, she's already queuing and the line is already 30 deep
  8. not until 6ish. considering size of the venue not too worried about where i stand. plus im 6'4 i dont wanna make the entire crowd wanna chop my head off
  9. If anyone has an extra ticket last minute give me a DM. Have a buddy who wants to join in
  10. for anyone planning on waiting online all day id highly recommend sunscreen or covering yourself up. i was outside for just two hours last week and was pretty burnt. UV has been getting up around a 7 which is pretty high
  11. was that show in the grand ball room? I know muse is playing in the biggest one. Doesn't look like 2,000 people could fit in there
  12. yeah shes aware she may not get in so thats totally fine. thank you for the consideration.
  13. My brother won so I'm going with him but my best friend who is visiting for the weekend and is going to Webster with us obviously can't make it in with us. Could she use your extra ticket? Would be immensely grateful Edit: when I say immensely grateful I mean we will buy you all the drinks and food you want that night
  14. im hoping to get a group of people together at a bar nearby so im definitely down for some post show drinks
  15. awesome! definitely going to be a hell of a time
  16. thanks! though my brother is the real winner his entry won haha. im super excited to be able to go to both shows next weekend.
  17. from my understandings its all purely a "win tickets", no purchasing of any kind required. just have to pay your way there and all that jazz
  18. so my brother won an entry and were both going. are there any official details as to exactly what kind of event this will be for us?
  19. it appears my brother misinterpreted what the "other" section meant...not so proud to call him my brother at this time
  20. yeah i know they weren't played in Canada I was just referring to the whole NA continent as a whole since Muse skips back and forth between the two as they do across the country. and yeah Save Me definitely isnt a consolation haha, but "rare" nontheless. forgot about Micro Cuts, Fury and Agitated at the tail end there. I'd consider RBS "rare" on the TR tour considering a vast majority of shows across the country didnt get it.
  21. Yeah pretty much the two best places to see a show in the US is LA and NYC. You're guaranteed to get a back to back and a good rotation of songs each night. If it wasn't for Dead Star in NYC night 2 LA was actually a way better place to be this time around.
  22. "didnt get any cool rarities"...Bliss and Sign O the Times were played twice and once each respectively in the US and Canada, which were the LA shows you went to. (you also got Save Me which was rarely played in the states). The only other rare songs played were Dead Star in Toronto and NYC and B&H in Salt Lake. You made out just as good as any other part of the country. and on the TR tour Bliss was only played in LA (fairly positive), along with NSC and RBS. so I don't see where you're "West Coast gets shafted" complaining is coming from
  23. its too early to think about how many shows they may do next year. theyre so tongue in cheek with these kinds of situations. for all we know they may whip our some summer festival dates we didnt expect.
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