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  1. i didn't say there wasn't a problem. i said the band have their reasons for what they do. we all know the issues the fan-base has with their set choices. in regards to your words on the webster hall being the worst of the club tour. it saddens me that you have that viewpoint. you're not capable of enjoying what you have in front of you. you actually didn't enjoy yourself because your knee jerk reaction is "but, but, other people got better stuff!" quite honestly you sound like a spoiled baby. and with the list of shows you've attended, especially for a US fan, you've seen much more than most. believe it or not, life isn't always fair and especially when it comes to a concert setlist, there's no guarantee it has to be.
  2. im enjoying the comparison to corporate rape to which songs a band should play, totally the same. unlike corporations, who we all know screw us out of greed and wanting more money, none of us actually know why Muse pick and choose which songs they do and don't play and how many they play and at what locations. you can point to quotes and stuff all you want but taking band-member's words at face value is far from a sure bet. the band has their reasons for what they do. so you suggest not being complacent. how exactly do we "fight back"? massive letter writing party? boycott their shows? and as for you being negative, yes all things considered you complain on just about everything. you complained about the webster hall show before i was able to walk out of the venue.
  3. ive been to shows in many different venues in the US and the general reaction to most songs is the same save for 4-5 of their biggest hits, so I'm gonna hope it was just a one time thing.
  4. While MK/US dropping during TR tour is a scary potential parallel i just can't imagine that reapers would just disappear. It was played on all the psycho/US tour shows and every other show since so it would be extremely odd for the band to just go "eh screw that one". especially when it's played at the beginning of a show, which to me indicates they consider it an important song in the set. we'll get a little more clarity tomorrow.
  5. reapers being gone is just a one show occurrence as of now, everyones talking as if it's a done deal that it's gone. let the next few shows go by and then we'll see if its gone for good.
  6. I think it's tough for them to play rare songs at these shows for the reason you said, there are only a "handful" of hardcore fans at these shows. Given what we know about his fear of playing songs people may not know, it's justified. Imagine playing in an arena of 10,000 people but only 70 people know the song? That's not fun for the band and I can say even when I go to shows of bands I know, it's hard to get into a song you don't know. Yeah it sucks for us U.S. fans; but hardcores are a vast minority and that's not likely to change
  7. Honestly I think last nights set was fine except for two things. Why is madness/UD both played and back to back? And where is Defector? Honestly swap Defector for UD and I'm 100% on board
  8. Haha thank you for letting me start my Friday with a good laugh
  9. ah, my friend was the one who was crowdsurfing, i apologize on his behalf! if you want i can attempt to reimburse you for them. i was always looking to the next guitar/bass being used, definitely sad there was no 7 string. gig was immense. energy levels off the charts the whole time. and as much as madness/animals were a little bleh it did allow for some recovery time.
  10. Ok so I'm the one that heard it. It definitely sounds most similar to glorious. Lots of power chord usage, not guitar solo. Song starts with a bassline and a keyboard melody. Wasn't poppy in any way though. Tough for me to make out vocals but it seemed darkish in nature. Not a lot of falsetto If any
  11. Very awesome experience. They played a set of about 12 songs. They debuted Mercy. Had a solid bassline and a keyboard trickle going on that I liked. Darkish lyrics.
  12. All phones have to be checked in before we enter so that definitely won't be happening
  13. Just talked to a girl who works here. She said there'll be a 5min Q and A and then some mixture of live performance and audio tracks listened to. Over by 9
  14. If anyone suddenly has an available ticket let me know please
  15. Absolutely amazing show. My friends and I started off in the back right but made it pretty much front and center by the time the groove came on. Haven't been in a crowd like that in years. Every song people just went mental. The groove, AP and bliss were all recieved just as well as any hit. The floor was like a trampoline people with jumping and moshing so hard. Im so exhausted and sore this morning i don't know how I'm gonna do it again tonight.
  16. I think I saw someone saying they were going to live tweet tonight. I won't be, gonna be too nuts in there
  17. Nothing wrong with that! I'm sure tonight's show will be fantastic
  18. Well if they play GL I'll know who the excited fan is
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