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  1. Deadstar is a great song. That said I could easily rattle off 20 songs I like more than it. Its an excellent live song however, id put it in the top ten there. that combined with its lack of being played is what gives that appeal that everyone has an insatiable thirst for
  2. Muse fans have to be the most bi-polar fan base I've seen (I'm not excluding myself). we all want change and variation in the setlist but the truth of the matter is that we really only want it at the shows that WE go to. its awesome that japan got Exo 3, its great that Europe got Host, Sunburn, Bliss, etc. but you know what? i don't care because I WANT THAT! lol The US is stuck in the worst position for Muse's touring patterns. Europe is their home area so you all get the oldies that they still push out and Japan is rarely visited so they get all the experimental/super rare songs. But the US is the trendy touring area so they just bust out all the "chart toppers" and don't care to give anything else. The only advantage US has is that many concerts are played in close proximity. So for me, I'm able to go 4 shows in a 7 day cluster. Its fun yes, but id rather go to one or two and get many different songs, alas, beggars cant be choosers so to review: Japan is just lucky We all want variation but mostly at the shows we attend I'm obviously from America
  3. has anyone come across any good tabs of madness in its live version? been having trouble manuevering the chords he uses. i know he plays it a step down but is he also in dropped d?
  4. I'm really looking forward to this show. this is the last of the four times ill be seeing them in a month. im doing GA and VIP at the other three, so i took a break and this will be my only seated show. looking foward to arriving early and BBQing and having a great time all day at the venue.
  5. Here is a guitar my friend created for me. Mattocaster shape, with a dark blue sparkle finish. double humbucker pickups with a sustainer 401 FSK system installed with a Floyd Rose Whammy installed on the bridge and a killswitch mounted behind it
  6. Tab question. for the live invincible played at wembley (HAARP), has anyone ever tabbed the slider intro he plays before he goes into the rest of the slide intro that normally goes with the song? i know sometimes he plays a step down but i havent been able to get exactly close
  7. ya he starts at the initial tone and then moves downward three seperate times. when i get home to my digi whammy ill give it a whirl and see what happens
  8. ah i know as soon as i posted it i realized i didnt put it under the request, which i had just done last night so i look stupid :-p and i lied, i wasnt looking for an exact tablature, more so for the other sir said aobut the octave harmonizer, cause when i palyed the exact tab i wasnt getting that sound so i thought maybe i was off somewhere. i forgive your dick comment :-)
  9. i gotcha, idk why the octave pedal didnt occur to me the first time, but anyway, heres the video. still pretty sweet to watch http://youtu.be/hwxcBgl1roE
  10. im sorry i didnt mean to post that yet, the video is uploading to youtube, ill link it when its up
  11. I know there is a tab for who knows who, but i have a really good quality video of who knows who outro at MSG, was wondering if anyone could take a stab at tabbing it?
  12. has anyone ever found (or made) a guitar tab to the live version that Muse plays of Hoodoo? like on what they play on the HAARP DVD? i have the song book but its just gives the straight piano arranged for guitar, and chris definitely plays something different
  13. i did indeed figure it out, he does a quick hammer on with the 8 and 10 combo he uses on the 5th string with a bend!
  14. hey everyone, i havea question here, when matt is playing take a bow at HAARP, theres a part im not quite sure what hes doing on this youtube video clip it occurs right at 2:54-2:55 and on the audio version at the same spot It sounds like he has a subdelay on that note he strikes? or does he double play stike it? ive been trying to duplicate what he does but to no avail so far, any ideas?
  15. unfortunately, due to the fact that i live in america, i wont be able to see, or watch thereafter, any of this concert, .but i have already purchase my shirt!
  16. I'm on the boards pretty often, and I have to say that I'm surprised with the lack of love that Invincible gets. It unfortunately is one of the songs that Muse has created that gets infinite plays when its album is being toured, and then gets shelved when a new album comes out. I was very dissapointed when it was not played once on The Resistance tour, especially considering that if Muse claims to play songs that typical represent themselves, Invincible certainly fits the bill (Matt=love, Kate?, i guess?). I know the song starts slow and ends hard but I think thats what makes it so great, and id pay just to see the solo performed live, its HAARP DVD performance is my favorite Muse song to date. Anyone out there feel the same way I do?
  17. thank you sir, appreciate the input
  18. what settings would you suggest for the hullabaloo version of microcuts for the intro and verses
  19. i know i may be going out on a stretch, but does anyone here have a boss gt 10 processor that has created a good sound for MOTP? or just general settings for it? i know it involves a lot of intricate delays and whammy ups, but ive been fiddling around trying ot make something on my own and it never comes out quite right
  20. yeah given their recent timetable of releasing albums, id be surprised to see anything earlier than sept. of 2012. I highly doubt that after doing the summer festival circuit they could basically write, produce, mix and record all their songs in just a few months before they release it.
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