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  1. I don't think matt hesitated when introducing bliss. That just seemed his usual awkward self. Most he spoke all night. Performance was top notch. Lots of energy all over. Maybe the most energetic crowd I've been in outside of Webster hall and a couple others.
  2. was just able to pick up a Pit ticket on the general sale, so definitely go give it a shot
  3. yeah doing the VIP once is enough. Where you from on the Island? We've been to all the same shows I feel like we must've seen each other at some point
  4. If section H is in the orchestra you'll be in seats. Sections G-H are all in the orchestra and I was told they would be seated. I originally got a seat there and wanted to clarify.
  5. I spoke to live nation yesterday to find out about both of those things. It is the top diagram. and I was told PIT1 and PIT2 are all the same, just split up for counting purposes.
  6. Many fans consider Origin of Symmetry to be your best album; since it wasn't officially released in the US until 2010 have you ever considered doing any type of show(s) to promote it there?
  7. never said "leave your spot". as i stated before, everyone that's responded to my comment has filled in the blank/inferred what i said, which is ridiculous since i was as general as possible in my statement.
  8. When writing new music for an album, do you ever think about exploring specific types of genres, or do you let the creative process take you wherever it takes you?
  9. I didn't come up with any arbitrary rule. All I said is if someone is acting inappropriately your choices are to confront them or remove yourself from the situation. Pretty basic shit, you all are putting words in my mouth
  10. No idea, completely variable situation. I also made no such reference that someone would react appropriately at all, so I don't know why you're assuming that's what I was thinking
  11. evolution of american rock concerts? i'm not saying that it's right or respectful, but it is what it is. if you don't have the gusto to speak up to ask them to stop then you can't complain about it happening
  12. yeah i remember seeing that. i dont disagree, the only way Muse could get people to get into older albums more would be to play songs from them, but for whatever reasons they seem hesitant to do so
  13. yeah i think about that often. i guess the bands prerogative seems to be just get them involved as best as possible. yeah i actually have been very surprised at lack of T2L, especially with how popular panic station was here and follow me was also well received
  14. yeah i feel you. im sure they couldve been more flexible, but as i said from fan reactions most nights it wouldn't have made much sense to play anything pre-absolution sadly
  15. right, suggested. a lot of people on this board take things the band says in passing too seriously and then get mad when it doesn't unfold how they want. if matt had said "we are going to do this production just like the wall and play drones start to finish, blah blah" and then we got this tour, then you'd have a legit gripe. seems silly to complain about stuff that the band never promises. obviously the band plays the set it does for their own reasons
  16. well, like i said it was my opinion. plus there's no rule that every song had to be related to drones nor do they have to be related to the theatrics. plus saying that it's an "excuse" implies that Muse knows they should've done something different but chose not to; which is not at all the case (and if anyone thinks they can claim otherwise, unless you have a quote from matt/dom/chris/tom contradicting me i dont wanna hear it) edit: that last part is basically directed at ADL
  17. i do believe the theatrics of this tour and the playing of the globalist limited a lot of what they could do. imo the next tour will be more a step back toward what t2l tour was.
  18. my friend met Kirk and got the setlist from him last night and he asked her how she liked the show and her response was "fucking citizen" and tom said "i know i know" and he explained that they almost played it at barclays but it wasn't up to him.
  19. i saw shows in Quebec City and then the shows from NYC to Philly. Quebec was no more energetic than the crowds in the states, the only difference I noted was way, and I mean way less people on their phones. I had two experiences that sum up the type of crowds Muse attracts currently. In NYC we walked into the GA 10min before Muse came on, we were able to effortlessly shimmy our way all the way to the near barrier of the catwalk mic. people we're eating food, on phones, basically not paying attention. Throughout the gig I saw very few and small groups jumping up and down sometimes but my group was the only one that legitimately moshed (and we got a load of evil eyes for it). one woman even threw punches at my friend for hitting into her. she didn't realize she was at a rock concert. In Philly i was in seats and jokingly said before madness "i hope they play madness!" and when it started no less than 5-6 people turned to me to high five me and be like "yay they played it nice job!" and I was sitting in the VIP area. Loudest fan reactions for all 3 america shows were for madness, resistance, uprising and starlight. Muse is attracting a more casual music listening crowd, so yeah it makes sense their sets are designed that way. is it annoying that OoS and showbiz aren't played? yeah. but i honestly can't blame them, people BARELY jump around for hysteria and tiro as it is, and AP was treated as a piss break in philly. bands feed off their audiences, its hard to rock when the audience does nothing.
  20. I haven't been on the boards in a long time and I'm mad at myself for coming back. This place is an absolute mess of negativity and complaining. Its the same lot of you (for the most part) complaining about the same things in the most cyclical fashion possible. Either come to grips with what the band is or don't. It's not like were a union that can go on strike against an unjust employer, Muse is gonna do what Muse is gonna do. Unhappy with the sets? Don't go to 7 consecutive shows. Europe shows seem better? Save the money from doing 9 shows here and take a trip there to see one. Feel slighted the shows aren't long enough or there aren't enough rotations? Well, tough luck. If life's biggest problem is Muse then I'll let you know, you're pretty lucky. Yeah, I know I chime in on stuff with my own opinions but I know I'm not on anywhere near the level some of you are. I feel bad that some can't genuinely enjoy the show and experience without ripping it to pieces, which not only casts the band in a negative light but gives others trepidation as well. We all have visions of what we want the band to be but at the end of the day it's out of our control. I hope everyone enjoys their shows going forward and that everyone gets what they want
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