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  1. I think that’s an overly-simplified way of describing their thought process. At the end of the day, I think they just wanna deliver what they think most people showing up to a gig wanna hear. Hence why songs specific to places show up (Resistance in the US, UD in Germany, probs more in others). That’s a mindset I can completely understand tbh.




    This happens pretty often actually tbf, just look at almost any big gig where a rarity gets played.


    I understand it, but it's still very narrow. I know its been discussed to no end, but Muse doesn't "owe" us anything when they play a show in terms of a set selection. It's definitely sure as hell considerate that they want to play songs that 95% of people will know, but it does lead to staleness tour to tour. Tonight is show 18 for me and I think I've seen the same core 15 songs at all regular tour shows.

  2. That's what gets me. Even if half the audience doesn't know Dead Star, it shouldn't matter. Matt is so hung up on the US audiences "knowing" the songs. Guess what, the people paid money to see you because they like your stuff. Play something they don't know and they will be curious. Nobody is going to leave a gig or stand there with their hands in their pockets because a song they don't recognize is being played. :rolleyes: Fucking hell, they're the only band that seems to have this line of thought.


    Yeah it really boggles my mind. I saw them on the summer tour and there was a guy who was clearly at his first show. They played Stockholm and he was like "Wow I didn't know this song! This song ROCKS!".


    Play any song, either people will like it or they may not. Not playing a song because "maybe someone hasn't heard it before" is so lame. This guy probably came for Madness and wound up loving SS. Maybe someone comes for Pressure and loves them for Plug in Baby. You never know.

  3. Basically the 2nd. It would totally not surprise me if they decided the US doesn't know Dead Star or Assassin so might as well drop those like Plug In Baby in 2013. Or replace it but I don't know what it would be replaced with that's on levels less interesting.


    As I US fan this is exactly what I both fear and expect.

  4. i don’t find it hard to believe


    the company is either about to or has currently filed ch11 bankruptcy and album release shows are industry heavy, exclusionary events. the venue is small. this marks the third iHeartRadio “lottery” that has resulted in a void.


    interpol’s album release show in bklyn was heavily mismanaged by house of vans this past august so this is just the disappointment i have been trained for. the shitty sad feeling is still there.


    ugh that's lame. My brother wont tickets to the Drones one and I saw many familiar fan faces there, figured we'd get a fair shot. I guess not. Welp.

  5. I'm worried people will miss out just assuming their old memberships will cover them. Hopefully they do (they should) But I think it's worth registering on this new link


    What's the new link register? Not sure if I missed something now. I pre ordered through a guest account since lazy. But did get the email saying that I'll be emailed again about access codes. I assume the .mu membership I've always had would get it?

  6. That was so much fun to watch. It was a great set and I thought that Thought Contagion sounded pretty good. However...


    That comment after Space Dementia pissed me off, though. I've listened to Origin of Symmetry more than any other album combined. Maybe you should actually play some of these songs when you come to the US instead of phoning these sets in and shitting on us when you do play these songs.


    At this point it's like; we get it. But for him to joke about it so much becomes annoying now. and then he responded to someone on twitter right after the show trying to save face. Stating that he loves America because Bing lives there... However their setlists say otherwise.

  7. Summerstage has a pretty hard curfew of 10, so if doors are at 7 and Muse time is 8:15 then I am pretty sure there won't be an opener.


    Yeah it seems to be a one off show. I'm hoping since its in no way connected to the Drones type tour and its a smaller stage that they mix up the set a little.

  8. Unfortunately, I think a lot of you guys should just make your peace with the fact that each show is a gamble and the odds are definitely not in your favor if you're in the United States and you're expecting anything more than *insert a couple tracks latest album* + every hit they've ever had. Can't say I'm too optimistic about the new release pattern since they'll likely all be "hits" and they don't seem to drop them so there'll be even less room for anything else at this rate.


    Adding another 3-4 songs can totally change the setlist and that just reinforces my point that the board's reputation for being unreasonable is total bullshit.... But even if they did replace The Globalist with a handful of songs or extend the setlist from T2L's 19 to 22-23, an album cycle down the line we'd be in the same situation since they don't drop their hits and they keep making more of them.


    I feel like this is all well known already and discussed almost daily except the board still does complain about it everyday.

  9. Dropping Reapers (during its album cycle) in favor of Undisclosed Desires (something that I don't think has any business being played in 2017)is unforgivable. Without driving 10+ hours in many cases, these people didn't have a damn chance.


    the song charted highly, fans seem to react positively to it. it blows my mind that this is still complained about. you may hate it, doesn't mean the band isn't justified in doing it. reapers got barely any crowd reaction by comparison. not saying i love it either, but it is what it is.

  10. What did they do to joke about it?


    Honestly, it doesn't really fuss me personally. To me, it just seems like a joke about what we've already know for years - that they're aware of what songs hardcores want but won't play them. Not the classiest thing, but maybe I've just seen/heard/read enough worse things to be desensitised at this point :chuckle:


    Edit: nvm, seen the vid


    Muse are trolls, and honestly they're usually funny about it. Tom's video comes to mind as hilarious example. Doesn't bother me at all. Plus they know only hardcores would get the joke anyway.

  11. Choices will be:


    Dig Down


    Undisclosed Desires

    Feeling Good


    Jimmy Kane




    haha, well I'm sure there will be shades of the Resistance Summer Stadium Tour. But it'll be fun to see how voting works. If it's write in or choices and if they see all the different songs chosen.

  12. I've listened to the proshot Dig Down and also crowd versions and it really is hugely underwhelming live, or at least appears to be from the videos. It also strikes me as a terrible opener too.


    Also, that proshot gratuitously shows off the amount of playback involved :(.


    I think it's an odd choice of an opener but considering the slow songs already in the set trying to fit it in somewhere would make it too slow for too long.


    As far live sound it sounded pretty good to me. I was at bunbury and aside from a vocal track on the second chorus I didn't notice much playback.

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