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  1. Oulalaaaa, ça fait uen éternité que je n'ai pas pris, ni donné de mes nouvelles! :eek: J'en suis désolée, vraiment :( J'espère que tu ne m'en veux pas trop?

    Je me suis laissée hapée par le travail ces derniers temps, et par certains soucis personnels.

    Mais faut pas! Il ne faut pas que tout ceci m'empêche d'être là pour les personnes qui comptent pour moi. Alors à partir de maintenant j'ai décidé de faire en sorte que cela change. :)

    Raconte-moi un peu ce qui se passe dans ta vie. Ton boulot, tes amitiés, tes amours?

    Il faudrait également qu'on se recontacte pour voir quand est-ce que je pourrais venir te voir cet été/ tu pourrais venir me voir cet été! Mais on peut faire dans les deux sens hein, au contraire, deux fois valent mieux qu'une! :D

    Crois bien que je ne t'oublies pas ma ptite Do, loin de là. T'as toujours une place particulière dans mon ptit cœur depuis que ton adorable frimousse a croisé ma route, un certain mois de juin 2010. ;)

    Prends bien soin de toi. A très vite. :kiss:

  2. Nooooo!!!!! :eek: Seriously? You're getting a glitterati?!!!!

    It's beyond words, it's incredible! :awesome:

    A friend of mine will soon have its own. He's going to pick his guitar up in july with a whole bunch of french Musey friends. I was supposed to accompany, but I've financial problems and finally I won't be abble to go with them. I'd have like to see the Manson's store... without speaking of the fact I'd have like beeing with my friends. :(

    Heeeyyyy, and you're going to the Reading!!!! :dance:

    So am I.... :D

    Well, if I can find a way to buy the train... :S Still the same problem. I've ever bought the ticket, but I don't know if I could pay the way... I'm worried, but determined to find a solution. I CAN'T miss it!!!

    So much good news in that post! :D

    Congrats for your coursework! ;) A B is a good mark. Good luck in June. :kiss:


    Happy to have heard from you. :happy:

    Keep on going with the good job.

    Maybe see you at the Reading, you never know.... ;)

  3. I know, I was thinking about you and felt a bit guilty not to take/give some news.

    I'm very busy lately since I've started a new job, in another Highschool with levels I've never done before, but it's very interesting to do. I'm delighted. :)

    Thanks for the ava. And did you see my new sig? :D I cracked up a little bit! :facepalm::LOL:


    What's new about you hun? :happy:

  4. Mais de rien. :happy:

    Tm ma puce!

    Comment tu me manques! :(

    Je suis bientôt en vacances, et j'ai pas assez de sous pour monter sur Paris. :(

    Mais par contre, je compte bien t'appeler, et papoter longtemps longtemps avec toi. :)

  5. I only asked for a DVD... The one of Muse, if it had been released as planned at the end of the year, but as it was not the case... :chuckle:

    Maybe next Christmas...

    Well, I hope not! :LOL:


    I teach french (grammar, syntax, etc) but also french litterature, for french pupils! :p

    What I really want to do, one of these days: teach abroad (especially in England!), in a french establishment. I'm sure it's possible, but I don't know how. I must make inquiries.


    Ho dear, still these Art stuff! :LOL:

    No, it's not funny, I sympathize.


    I don't get what is that "University application" you have to send...

    You must choose a university for next year?

  6. Errrrk!:vomit::noey:


    Wow! You were spoiled! :awesome:

    I can't say the same, but I wasn't expecting anything: year has been difficult.


    I can't remember if I told you that I found a job? :)

    I'm gonna be a substitute teacher again, in high school.

    I start next monday. Pretty excited about it.

    Finally smthg positive to start this new year.


    And you, what's new? :p

  7. Christmas was nice: family meal, with games between the courses, smth very simple.

    For the New Year's Eve, I did nothing special, it was too late for that.

    What about you?

  8. Thanks!

    Happy new year to you too Kerrie! :happy:

  9. I hope you had a merry Christmas Allison. :happy: What did you get as christmas gifts? :D

    I wish you a happy new year in advance. :party:

    See you, my Muse fwend! ;)

  10. Did you had a merry Christmas? (and nice gifts? :D ) I hope so. :happy:

    I wish you a happy new year in advance, my little crazy comet. :party:

    Don't forget you.

    Talk to you soo sweetie. ;)

  11. I hope you had a happy Christmas! Have you been spoiled? :D

    I wish you a happy new year in advance. :party:

    Talk to you soo sweetie, I promise! ;)

  12. Awww! Too cute! :happy:

    Thanks sweetie.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :party:

    Talk to you soon, I promise! ;)

  13. Thanks! I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too! :party:

    See you :happy:

  14. Thanks! Merry christmas and happy new year!

  15. Hey Kerrie! Indeed. I know... :$ I'm quite good now. Hope that it will last a bit. You know, I'm always swinging between ups and down, it's quite annoying. I think I'm bipolaire! :LOL:

    But, meh, I'll be fine! I move in two weeks. In fact, I go back at my parent's, since I can't afford to pay a rent anymore... :$ The time to find a pwoper job. And there the faster would be the better! :D

    What about you hun? Do you have enough time to practice your guitare? How it goes at school? How do you feel? Happy?

    Btw, I'd like to have your opinion: I'm thinking about opening a new thread. Maybe. I don't know... There's a topic where you can post pictures for each member of the band separately, but not all together. I ended up collecting a lot of pictures of the group (thanks to the different P...T threads), but it cames patiently with time (and probably with some obsessive compulsion too :D ). So the idea came to me that maybe some people would be interested in a thread where you can find these kind of pictures. It could be recent pics, as older ones, when they were all young and chubby! And Tom and Morgan could appear on these pictures as well :happy: (I have some cute pictures with them and the band). What do you think about that? :$

  16. :LOL:


    Btw, PMT 52 is not dead yet?

  17. Hello! Sorry for the late reply. I've been distracted! :D (If you have a look on my wall, you'll understand... :facepalm:)

    Yep, I don't get the interest of coming here only to complain. There's so much better to do.

    Sometimes it's really disrespectful toward the band. Did you see that thread to call for the split of Muse? You may not be agree with me, but as I'm concerned, I found this unacceptable! If they don't like the band anymore, so why don't they just to stop listening to their music and going to their concerts (and to that forum)? Nobody forces them. But whatever gives them the right to demand the end of the band?! There're still thousands of people who love what they do. What a nerve! You've gotta be really selfish and full of yourself to do such a thing! But, meh, I'll stop there, it annoys me! :LOL:

    Oh, that's great that you've made yourself a new friend thanks to the board! :awesome:

    Does she live in your country?

    I like meeting new musers, on line or during gigs. It's a way to share a common passion unrestricted, without feeling ashamed, cause sometimes (and it's my case) you don't have the chance to know people around you who like (or only know) Muse. Without them, I couldn't speak to anybody about Muse, and it would be very sad and frustrating. It was, when I didn't know them yet. Now, I don't feel like I'm an alien anymore, I know there're a lot of people who feel the same about Muse. That's a bit a relief! :LOL: And during the gigs, it's really amazing to share these experiences with other Musers! It's like a communion. It increases your sensations and emotions during the show. But maybe now you start to think I'm really weird! :LOL:

    Oh, they seems to be very warmful on the italian thread... Come to the french one! We're super cool! :D

    I like the sentence you chose as a tatoo. What's the other one, if I may ask?

    So, me, I've a little feither on my right wrist, and a tribal tattoo on the lower back! :D


    Keep in touch (if you want it) and take care. :happy:

  18. Je l'ai trouvé en fait, c'est bon! :chuckle:

    Va voir! ;)

  19. Merci beaucoup! ;)


    Ok, I'll send you the lyrics I like the most, but not tonight, cause I start to feel a bit tired. :sleepy:

    I'm so so sad for you that you didn't get to see Muse. :(

    I hope your friend had a very good reason not to come, otherwise I'd be very angry with him/her! :stunned:

    Do you have ever done a Muse gig before? I hope so.

    I'm not a fan of MM, but I listen a lot to heavy and metal (Deftones, Tool, Atreyu, Black Sabbath, A7X, Il Niño...)

    Is there nobody to help you in the subjects in which you experience some difficulties.

    I'd be happy to offer you my help in French if you want to. :happy:

    I've been a French teacher for 2 years! :p


    Take care and speak soon.



  20. :chuckle: Et encore, c'est pas encore celui auquel je pensais, mais Stef ne le retrouve pas!

    Mais déjà ça te donne une idée...

    Non mais il te fais ça en face de toi, c'est pas possible... Heureusement que la scène fait 5 mètres de haut, parce que tu lui sauterais bien dessus sinon! :LOL:

    C'est peut-être la raison d'ailleurs?... :indiff:

  21. Hello Martin!

    You asked me for a translation in french of a Muse song: how do I do to send you this?

    Maybe with an email adress it would be easier, don't you think?

    I you want to, I've lots of other translations I could send you. In fact, I've almost done a translation for each Muse song, cause it was really important to me to understand their meanings. You've just to ask which song you'd like to have.

  22. :eek:

    It'll do it! :D

    But if you find more, I'll take them too! ;)

    Thanks a lot Stef! :kiss:

  23. Hello Stef. :happy:

    I'm looking for a gif for a friend of mine and I think it's you that made it: the one where you can see the Matt's hand on his kaoss pad, a pretty "erotic" one in fact. :D If I'm right, could you send me this gif please, it would be very nice of you.

    I hope you're fine. See you.

  24. Dis, c'est quoi l'intitulé de ton LB? Je le trouve pas! :chuckle:

  25. Hello! ça va?

    je voudrais savoir: y a -t'il eu un gagnant ce matin?

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