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  1. mmm MCR and Muse...

  2. ...

    ima RAGEATCHU if ur not careful...


  3. yea it was good

    but ive been in school for two weeks already :p

    How are you?

  4. it's alright, I'll get used to it :)

    have a good summer??

  5. nah that sucks I'm sorry :(

  6. feelin a bit better :) I have to see him every week cause of little athletics so i thought may as well just get used to it. summer's nearly over eh :(

  7. well im doing good

    but how are you now?

  8. mmm it's ok, I'll just deal. how are you??

  9. eh?

    good luck with what...?

  10. aww man I'm sorry :/

  11. hi :) good lucky with that :p

  12. my boyfriend dumped me, and now he's being a prick :/


    how are you??

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