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  1. This - I barely log on to here at all nowadays. And so I havent really for the past couple of months / few years. I remember back with the release of 2nd Law there was a lot of negativity here regarding Muse work, lots of harsh criticism and people were not able to take in the opinion of people who like how Muse are progressing and steadily keep "evolving" (which is up to debate of course). So since there is barely newer news here than on reddit - why bother - so I figured. B/c of the above reasons. EDIT: On topic: Some super cool synthy shit going on with Muse. Its not what I hoped for but I am digging it. But I am also a sucker for anything that has relation to 80s synth vibes. And I love their theme overall of this album again. Cant wait!
  2. Yea mate, Cologne though. Moved recently. Would have offered to take 2 more people as well - spontaneous trip with my brother an also diehard Muse fan. FeelsBadMan! Feeling ya :/
  3. Holy fuck I am so fucking done with this shit. How is longterm members cant fucking get to so shiet venues. Did everything required and as someone above me stated got booted just cuz. Fucking shitpage that cant deal with 6k people trying to get tickets. God Im pissed, its only 5 hours away as well
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