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  1. weeell i've been to Prague only once so i don't really know where to stay and stuff...but i guess 4-5 days are just fine. really depends on what you wanna do/see there (except muse and o2 arena )
  2. oh wow looks like standing tickets are really sold out! so glad i decided to buy them yesterday not today as planned btw guys i can help with czech if you have any problems with ticketportal website
  3. ohh that would be amazing!! but i have a feeling they're not gonna play it yet
  4. oh wow that's even more expensive than Frequency fest! I really hope this is not their only gig in central europe next year cos I won't be able to afford this
  5. oh dear i really hope they'll release them! 170€ is just too much for a ticket when you wanna see only one or two bands (and can't stay for all 3 days)
  6. does anybody know if they are going to sell one-day tickets?
  7. Whoaaa what a NIGHT!!! Can't believe it's already over, I had such a fantastic time Polish crowds are simply insane
  8. Oooukay, one euro is not that much. And it's still better then jumping and sweating in heavy coat I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT
  9. Thanks for the info! Well at least I hope the cloakroom will be for free cos I wanna save my money for merch not for this stuff I guess I'm gonna take some small bottle and we'll see Btw will be merch shop also opened after gig? (I've never been to pwoper gig, so have no idea how everything works there)
  10. Hey guys I got a question - do you know if there'll be some room or something where we can put our coats/jackets? And another one - do you think it'll be possible to bring own water inside?
  11. a myslím, že aj jediný...alebo aspoň jeden z mála :D

  12. that's true...but it's sooo boring and I don't feel like doing it...it's from biology - nervous system and something about hormones (it has about 30 pages!!!) aaaw ooh I´m not that kind of student who study all night or something...when I´m tired or sick of everything, I just close books and go to do other stuff:happy:
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