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  1. a myslím, že aj jediný...alebo aspoň jeden z mála :D

  2. Oh, wow! You´re in a band? That´s really good thing:D

    Aaah Chris...and his headbanging:chuckle:

    So finally, I decided to buy that cell phone...I have a friend who has a guitar, so I can practise there:happy:


    Yeah, exactly. Maybe they won´t be touring till baby won´t be older:( But I think she will be on maternity leave...so...I don´t know. But you know, Chris has 5 children and he is ok:happy:

  3. Ahooj! Normalne sa uz cudujem, ze su tu nejaky pribuzni mojej reci:D

  4. Oh, sometimes is really hard to choice the right thing:) laptop is very useful thing, but I would go for a bass too:happy: I think I´ll buy that guitar, my cell phone is not that bad...

    jeeez, when you have some money, you don´t know what to buy first:D


    yeah, hope it´s not gonna be like with her previous relationships :/ But it´s his life, his decisions, he can do what he wants. When he´s happy, I´m happy too:)

    but I can´t imagine him as father...he looks so young to that

  5. Yeah...little piece of shit:p waste of words:happy:


    Oh, but it´s always better than nothing:happy:

    It´s OK, but I´d like to buy a new one! But i think guitar will be better choice:) And then mom will be happy that I won´t be on PC so often:D and I´ll learn something new...fuuu hard choosing:facepalm:


    naaaw, have you read about Matt is engaged?:supersad:

    I mean I´m happy for him, but...aaah


  6. Yeaaah, you are not only one...I´d like to find some too, need some money!:happy:

    Aah in this town you can find CD´s like Hannah Montana, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and other commercial shit...I have to look for it somewhere else:rolleyes:


    Aaw that´s great! I got nothing with Muse:( But we´ve bought a new PC, so it was like the family present...and then I got some clothes, and some other little things:happy:

    Oooh and I´m thinking about buying an acoustic guitar! But I haven´t decided yet...don´t know if I should buy a guitar or new cell phone:facepalm:

  7. Yeaah:happy:

    This. I always find something amazing when I have some saved money...and then..."Oh I need it now!!!" *buy* and I can saving up again:facepalm:

    but these prices on muse.mu shop:rolleyes: how can I buy something from there when the shipping price is higher than one CD???


    Aaah nevermind...wish you happy new year too:kiss:

    How was Christmas??? Did you get what you wanted?

  8. Aah, good to know you´re well. I´m fine...just enjoying last week of holiday:)

    Do you have something new? ooh and how was Christmas?


    Thanks hun, Happy New Year to you too:kiss:

  9. Saraaah you´re alive!!!!:eek::dance:

    how´s you darling??? haven´t talked to you for for....sooo long:supersad:

  10. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too:kiss:

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :xmas:

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :xmas:

  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :xmas:

  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :xmas:

  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :xmas:

  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :xmas:

  17. Merry Christmaaas!!!:xmas:

  18. Thaanks! Same to youu :xmas:

  19. Thanks hun, Merry Christmas to you too :xmas:

  20. Yaaay that´s great!:D They´ve confirmed gigs in Brasil and Argentina. So maybe they´ll come to play in Europe as well!:awesome:

    Yeaaah! And now lots of money on Christmas presents...No time to save up:rolleyes:


    Mmmmmh xD

    Aaaaw. It´s coming it´s coming!!! Less than 20 days left:happy:

  21. Yeah, saving up...good thing:happy: Wooo! What fest??

    But Norway is not Australia. It´s a bit further so more expensive xD

    Yeah, good point. Another thing so save up for. But sometimes it´s hard to save up...you want this and that and all money = gone.


    Yeaaah me too! I love Christmas and presents, snow and everything. Just sitting before TV a watching christmas fairy tales and films:happy: No worries about school and you can sleep as much as you want:D

    I´m really looking forward to it! Wooo only one month!!!

  22. Yees!!! Actually I´ve had only one ride like this so far. Need to get some money for next gigs!:D

    Wooo, okaay:happy: But it´ll be quite expensive...you know plane, tickets and some hotel as well. Not cheap things:noey:

    Yeah, mainly these things:D Oooh Manson! I´d love to get one.


    Aaaaw:) one time we´ll meet them, I´m sure!


    Yeaaah, so cute:happy:


    Uuuh many things:ohmy: But Christmas are almost here, so few weeks off:happy: Aah, nevermind, that´s OK:)

    Well, I´m good, just tired of school and everything. I´m looking forward to holiday! Really need some rest xD

  23. Yeaah:(

    Same. I love travelling! Especially to the gigs:happy: I wanna see them again!!! But it´s impossible now when they´re on the other side of world (not yet, but soon)

    Wooo, if I won a lottery...fuuu! Lot of things to buy:chuckle:


    Yeah, he is. And extremely cute and adorable. Aaaaw, I just want to hug him:supersad:

    That´s true:yesey:


    But he is also cute! Naaah, I love all of them <3

    Yaaay!! Guys won AMA´s. I´m happy for them:happy: Amazing pics from there I must say:awesome:


    How´s it going, btw?

  24. Yeaaah:chuckle: Hmmm, I don´t know. And K.Knightley also won´t be there...maybe they´re tired of it or what. But it won´t be the same:noey:

    Aaah, tell me about it:rolleyes: I want to be in Australia in December!:supersad:


    I´m sure he is!


    Oooow:D But I saw some videos when he met some fans, and usually he doesn´t talk very much. So it would be interesting conversation...like "eh uh..Hi! uh hmm.. how´r you doing? and so on:D

    Yaay! "oh wait a minute! I must find what you just said in my dictionary":LOL:


    Yeah! The cutest man ever!!!:happy:

  25. Yep! I love the second part:happy: They´re filming 4th part now...but without Bloom :/

    Woooh!!! But I´m not very excited...I´d rather go to see Due Date again:chuckle:


    Yeah, I´m sure he does. But sometimes he takes whole family to gigs. I heard they were in Poland with him.:)


    Wooo! I don´t know him actually, but nevermind:p

    Ooooh, if I´d meet Matt...oh god:$ That would be so amazing! But it´s much easier to you, when you speak English...I would need a dictionary:D And Matt speaks very fast so it´s kinda hard to understand him sometimes:happy:



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