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  1. Thanks so much cotis! I was just going to post this link too, lol.
  2. Hey- Looking for a copy of the Philly show. I have DIME access if you're going to post it there. Thanks.
  3. EDIT: I have now posted this on MuseBay at the top of the board, last page. --- Hey... I am looking to get rid of one GA floor ticket for Muse..3/2 Philly - Wachovia Center it cost me $88 and the person that I was going to take can't go... so now i'm stuck with this ticket. Perhaps you are going and want to invite another person? E-Mail me on keithallen (AT) gmail.com and i'll figure this out. I live just 15 mins from the venue, or you can pick it up day of show, just before 4pm cuz i'll be camping out. Thanks!! Keith
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