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    crazy,mysterious,cool ;)
  • Birthday 06/25/1994

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    Dark brown hair !!!
    178 cm tall !!!
    Easy to handle !!!
    But to complicated to love !!!
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    I like...
    My Friends (I have got the greatest friends ever )
    Volleyball (i love this sport )
    Shopping ( Every girl likes it ;) )
    My new school ( Its a great school i really have to say ;) )
    My family (They are so good to me )
    My ancestors( nothing left to say )
    Travel (i love it ...)
    My violin( it is ssssoooooooo cool)
    Learning Spanish (it is really easy to learn i think)
    Theres nothing left to say hm...
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    Pupil grade 10 boarding school :)
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    Muse,Linkin Park,Kesha,David Guetta,Timbaland,and The Pretty Reckless( i really have to say that Taylor Momsons voice is great)maNga,Marina and the Diamonds,Amanda Jenssen,The Black Keys,Florence + The Machine ,Katherine Jenkins,Classical Music and Opera
    Simone Kermes(Crazy Queen Of Barouque)
  • Favourite Films
    Twilight saga,Avatar,Percy Jackson,The Da Vinci Code,the last airbender
  • Favourite TV Shows
    the simpsons,the vampire diaries,scrubs,gossip girl :) greys anatomie,Naruto;)
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    The Vampire Diaries,Twilight,Cathys Book,evermore,house of night,13 reasons why,vampire academy,the host,Mangas
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    Showbiz,Origin Of Symmetry,Absolution,Blackholes & Revelations,Haarp,The Resistance
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  1. Omg you left me a christmas message like AGES ago and i just got it there :( shows how much ive been on this eh? :L:L haha how are yah anyways? :)

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