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    Muse, ballet, jazz-dance, piano, guitar
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    MUSE...! Band of Horses, Royksopp, Sigur Rós, Florence and the Machine, Gorillaz
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    Harry Potter, Taken
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    Sex and the City
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    Everything written by Nick Hornby.
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    The Resistance CD, Black Holes and Revelations CD, Absolution CD, Origin of Symmetry CD, Showbiz CD, H.A.A.R.P CD/DVD
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    Saw them in Oslo, Norway 2009 and UKA-festival in Trondheim, Norway 2007. Going to see them at the Hove-festival 2010!
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  1. Hoodoo (oh god, it's just so fucking amazing) and Invincible, especially the live version from H.A.A.R.P. The guitar solo is just... sex
  2. I heard the intro to H.A.A.R.P on the radio! I was half-sleeping on the couch and suddenly I heard it and I was like "what, are they sending the wembley concert on the must dull radio-station ever?" . And then I figured out it was only a intro to another boring radio-talk-thing-show.. Too good to be true :/
  3. "Because the vocalist is a fag" WTF, I'm not friends with that person anymore.
  4. - Female - 15-19 - Caucasian - Band of Horses, Justice, MGMT, Queen, Marina and the Diamonds, Kasabian, Gossip and Coldplay (Sorry, couldn't pick just one!)
  5. I can only think of positive things! The main positive things must be the pornogenic threads (oh god, musegasms all the way, haha), the fantastic people that hang around here with the same main interest as myself and that I discover things about the bandmembers (like previous happings such as the SIT THE FUCK DOWN video etc ) through videos, pictures and news we board members share together.
  6. But me and my sister don't know anyone else who's going D: God, I hate living in Norway!
  7. Conclusion: I have to bring my mum? :c
  8. But if I will travel without my mum, can I just hand the e-mail I will get to the post-office? Me and my sister is planning to go, but our mum is the money maker
  9. Yes! There is my solution! I really want to go to that gig.
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