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  2. But it does have to do with Muse on the web, somewhat. Matthew Bellamy made it onto a prestigious website here
  3. Just a simple thing. What is your favorite miming performance? My favorite is when they sang Sing for Absolution on TV. Matt played realistic till half way through where he did the no hands routine. Chris then later deep throated the microphone. <3
  4. This has probably been done before, but I thought it was somewhat clever. Matthew Bellamy does riffs faster than a speeding bullet.
  5. I figured he had to be. After seeing all those videos.
  6. If I were not a musician, I would not have voted. I picked Dom solely because I am a drummer as well. Only reason. Too tough otherwise.
  7. I am probably really late on this, and this is probably well known around these parts of town, but oh well. Get your popcorn 'cause the ..
  8. For school, fun, or anything, has anyone written something relating to Muse? I have personally done a few things. My most recent had to relate to Greek Mythology. It resulted in a Hundred Handed One throwing a star (created by Iris) at Atlas. Atlas' eyes always follow the starlight.
  9. Mine was a year or so ago. Mitzutsu spammed me with Muse on Windows Live so I eventually watched it. The one I picked was Blackout. Amazing.
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