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  1. Yeah, should've added that this is from Reading this year.
  2. Don't know if this has come up at all? More info here. Apologies if this has been posted, couldn't see it.
  3. spiral static - the backing "aah aah aah aaaaaaahs" in the pre-chorus. sends shivers down my spine
  4. Grrrrr I'm staying at a relative's house really close to the stadium the night before so I could be at Wembley from 6am to queue for the barrier! Except...my uncle who I'm going with isn't so keen on the idea. I tried bargaining with him and even offered up the prospect of a free burger on me :') all to no avail. I so wanna be at the front to headbang with Chris bloody uncle
  5. Sorry if this is stupid or has been asked before, but trawling through the entire previous threads about Wembley is a near impossible task What's the situation with queues? All the photos I've seen on Flickr have people sat on the ramps. Does that mean you have to join the queue from the front of the stadium as that's where the ramps start? Also one other thing, when you get let in what happens with going into the standing area? Are there obvious directions? Cos it's not normally somewhere people get let into. Sorry if these are stupid questions I've tried googling and searching on here but I'm struggling to find much info and I just like to be clear before the event
  6. Ignoring Dead Star and In Your World which are sort of in between being b sides and a sides, and are big favourites of mine, here we go: Futurism Fury The Gallery Hyper Chondriac Music Recess
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