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  1. It's vaguely, if you squint your eyes, Mansonesque. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251528596161 Fun guitar to play, and sounds shockingly good.
  2. I thought it was a great show. I keep seeing online people saying the crowd was dead. Wonder if that's from people who were there or from people watching the video. You have to remember that this was a free show for sports fans. Two times I've seen Muse in the US, there were maybe 10,000 at each show. There were 100,000 at this thing last night. I'd guess 9 out of ten wandered in for a free concert and party, and were not gonna know the Starlight clap, or be screaming for Bliss or Fury. I only wish they'd done Plug In Baby after the mixing desk failed! The bad were ON it. The most energy of the times I've seen them, and Chris looked so healthy: guessing he's really on track after a few years off drink and into more football. Matt and Dom were really tight and full of life, and I talked with several Musers who were completely into it. So what if most of the crowd wouldn't have known Muse from The Beach Boys? Touring is about pleasing the old fans and converting new ones. I'll be there in September.
  3. Got home a few hours ago after a scary wet rainy drive. That was a great set! The Atlanta show if February was fun of course, but they were looser, more relaxed this time. I wonder if there was a bit of "this tour is almost over" syndrome. Yeah, the Sweater Song and then later the El Scorch riffs were bizarre! Sound was great, we were in pretty good position on the floor. If anyone saw two blinkies on the floor Matt's side next to each other, it was us. Some girl walking by gave me a big grin and squeezed my arm, so have to assume it was one of y'all! The Exo/Resistance/KoC combo was a great way to open. They really flowed well. The absolute high point was RbS. It just killed... very delicate and super-restrained to open so that it hit hard when the second part launched. TaB does work as a closer. On the H.A.A.R.P. DVD it somehow seemed anticlimactic, but last night it really was the way to close it. Nice thing is that we took our French friend Cathérine. She had introduced me to he band's music a few year ago but had never seen them live, and in fact... ...this was the first rock concert she had ever attended. I told her that she could not see another show, as she had not only seen the best live act in the business, but on a night when they seemed to be loose, having some fun, and had miraculously put together a KILLER setlist that flowed much better than earlier in the tour. That was gooooooood.
  4. If you can teach me how to properly play SS, I'm right there with ya I guess I can competently play PinB and of course the simpler songs like Bliss or Sing for Absolution, but the solo in Invincible and playing SS at full speed are TOUGH! Might help if I actually sat down and tried to learn them rather than just picking around then moving on to something else. We'll be in GA but getting there later on... at least we haz blinkeez and are going to NOT be disappointed with the standard-issue 15-song set. Right? This is my way of being prepared to fully enjoy RbS, TaB, or any other goodies they would throw in the est.
  5. We three geeks all got our blue blinkies today. We're staying at the Comfy Sweets, so if anyone needs um... well, I dunno. In case of emergency I'm sure many of us are there so y'all 8am diehards won't be far from friends. We'll get there about 5, I think.
  6. I kind of lost track... who's bringing the flag to Raleigh? Must get more blinky glasses. Otherwise all set... room at the Comfort Suites? Check. Rental car? Check. Just don't lose those paper tickets... it'll be our French friend's first Muse show even though she introduced me to the music a few years back. Least I can do is to take her to see them.
  7. One more science geek coming... Linda and I are bringing a biomedical engineer friend, but she'll be in a SEAT as the missus and I got GA tix. Incidentally, this engineer is French, a big Muser, and she and I briefly had an acoustic, French-language Muse cover duo called Amuse Bouche. I am not making this up!
  8. I'm still not quite sure how we'll handle the sitting for the Raleigh gig. I hate guilt... I feel bad that I'm not taking the wee one to the show so I may stay home with her and send her mom and best friend to the show instead. Grrrr. Oh, for the power to live two lives simultaneously!
  9. Kills ya? Sorta. Though my three-year-old is a pretty fanatical Muser... she sort of got ME more into the band. Now it breaks my heart to tell her that Mommy and I are driving to North Carolina to see them play. She nods solemnly and says "When I'm bigger I can go see Matt and Chris and Dom'nik play and Matt and I can sing together." She then launches into an ear-splitting rendition of KoC. She has seen my band a few times, so I guess I'm warping her early on. But nah, the kids don't kill yer social and music life. It's signing on to the theory that you have to "act your age" by becoming set in your ways. We pay the bills and put away for retirement, our kid's brilliant, and we have a nice home. In most other ways, we refuse to grow old gracefully!
  10. One more "merci" pour la translation. Tres bonne!

  11. If he's like my daughter, he whispers along with Chirs "sooker-mastic back-hooooooooooe" in that song. I have a hard time keeping a straight face. One morning she said "Come into my room, Daddy. I want to play guitar with you!" She brings out her pink ukelele and starts bellowing "Yeaaaa, Yaaaa, Yaaaa!" from KoS, plunking random notes on her "guitar." Amazing.
  12. Cancer biologists definitely! Linda is working on how cells communicate and um... uh... start going all cancer on people. She uses phrases like "protease uptake inhibitor" at dinner and i smile and nod politely. I'm a graphic designer, so my brain not smart like science lady. It would be cool if we somehow can recognize each other there.
  13. GA list? Add Eric Zero and one of the many geneticists: my wife, Linda... we'll drive up that morning and be in line early enough to be NEAR the stage behind all y'all devoted enough to get there when the rooster crows!
  14. Forgive me if this topic has been done to death, but a search didn't find a thread. My daughter is three and is OBSESSED with the band. She caught me, a few months ago, watching the HAARP DVD and since then there have been few days where she doesn't ask to watch or listen to "Matt, Chris, and Dom'nik." Thank goodness for Natasha's "Random Musings of a Curious Mind" site for links to stuff my daughter hasn't seen. Anyway, she also is insisting that "When I have money I will buy a ticket to see Matt sing," so I'm TEETERING on the edge of taking her with me to the Raleigh show. I play in a band and she's seen a few of our concerts if we're at some festival or such where it's not late. She has enormous ear protectors that block out nearly everything and has enjoyed it. Any of you have similar tales of kids (or for that matter surprisingly mature folks) who've become superfans?
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