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  1. Various items soon to be available for rent through FatLama (sorry, technically #NotForSale). Prices not fixed yet but open to discusssion. Rental can be anything from 1 days up. My location is Nottingham/Exeter but I travel to London regularly. Manson MA-2 Evo S - MBK-2 and Sustainiac - Custom hardware machineheads - Matte Black finish - Deluxe Manson leather strap with Schaller strap locks - 2 Manson/Dunlop 0.73 yellow picks - Manson soft guitar case Korg KP-2 - With all cables needed to connect to the XY on a Manson and directly into an amp All pedals below have been part of Matt’s rig according to Equipboard and MuseWiki. Each come with a list of presets linked to Muse (eg the presets for New Born/Micro Cuts/SMBH H.A.A.R.P. Kaoss Pad effects) Diezel VH4 Pedal Digitech Whammy DT Keeley Fuzz Head Keeley Compressor (4 knob) MXR 10 Band EQ Zvex Fuzz Factory Questions welcome!
  2. That's a good point about the tuning, hadn't really thought about that! Yeah the MA-2 has the MBK-2's but I'd probably look to upgrade to those anyway. I've never seen the MA-1T in the shop, but they'd probably have one in the works. Pretty sure the XY only ever gets used for about 3 effects, but it feels almost criminal to lose it... I think I must've missed the back story, but how come your custom is taking so long? 15 months is painful!
  3. Thought there might be some strong opinions on this one, so here goes... Considering trading in my DSB Evo-S for a Holosparkle MA-1T (both w/Sustainiac). Curious to hear any thoughts on the holosparkle finish and whether losing the XY controller for a Floyd Rose trem would be a mistake?
  4. Micro Cuts outro from last night - watch at your own peril https://youtu.be/VNEPG1HgIuM Amazing crowd, good to meet some of you!
  5. i like writing alternative and rock music :)

  6. Ok, let's start from the begining LOL! yes, I do go to ECC (I'm in yr 12, sixth form) and my favourite album is Absolution (Although, Oos rotates with it), you? ;)


    Awesome! That was such a great gig! Where were you in the crowd? I was near the front, directly in line with Matt! :D Mum and I were in the extra queue that opened up after the main one got reaaaallllyy long LOL I was wearing a black backpack with red lionfish repeated on it (I think I was wearing white skinnies or khaki combat trousers but I can't remember now! XD)


    I think we're going up by car (long journey, I know) on friday and then we're staying friday and saturday night at a hotel just 2 miles away from the stadium which we'll use a taxi to get there and back. :)

  7. Yeah sorry. I've been busy and haven't had the time to reply yet. Give me a few minutes and I'll get to it. ;)

  8. hey did u get my other 3 messages?

  9. hey, i saw u write music :) what kind of music do u like writing?

  10. Just read on your profile that u went to the ASRV gig on the 5th, SAME!!! Did u queue ealry? i might of seen u, i was 16th in the queue lol. im that sad, i had to count, but then what else are you gonna do in the 10 hours of waiting?!


    it also says ur going to wembley on the 10th... im going on the 11th :) out of interest, how are u getting there? i didnt get tickets for the friday coz i was worried about delayed trains etc.

  11. forgot to ask, did u go to either of the seaside rendezvous gigs?

  12. Hey :D sorry for such a late reply (only 3 months later...) i only just realised what the notification button meant on here! haha. you're from exmouth?! awesome! i dont think iv ever 'met' a proper muser from nearish to exeter, so you're the first! do u go to school / college in exmouth? (i dont no if exmouth community college goes up to 17 year olds :S) Whats ur favourite muse album?

  13. Hey, I saw that you're from Exeter so I thought I'd say hi :)


    I'm from Exmouth! :pimp:

  14. Heyy


    Yeah! I don't mind though! My friends would only say 'Not Muse.. AGGGAIN! :rolleyes:'

    I got mine from eBay! I only have New Born 1&2 and In Your World/ Dead Star CD 2 at the moment but eBay is good! Amazon does them sometimes aswell! You have to hunt!

    Hope that helped!


    Nice to 'meet' another South Western Muser! :happy: Easy to find since Muse are from Devon but still!

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