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  1. Hi :D

    I am just dropping a line asking about the exo trade :).


  2. Wow wow wow :o

    PhD of Eng lit!

    You should be my English teacher :LOL:!

  3. I see... It's still pretty close, only 2 hours! Aww, I want to go clubbing sooo badly! I wish those clubs didn't have age limits :LOL:!


    Me too! Brit rock ! \m/! Well, most concerts held in HK are actually held in a venue next to the airport... It takes me an hour to get there too... So actually, to me, Berlin isn't really that far away :awesome:!


    Nope. Only child too. I am not exactly sure how many cousins I have... Not much too. My family is a very small one too!


    I see... I want to go to uni! You've finished uni too, didn't you? (I remember you said you needed to work over the country after uni...) I am either going to go : scientific (interested in Chemistry!) or linguistic (interested in languages :p)


    I don't know... I need to choose the subjects that I am studying in higher form (senior) this year... I think I will see if I am really interested in Chemistry or not... If yes, I think I will major Chemistry and minor some languages in uni... If not, major and minor languages all the way! :LOL:

    What do you think about my plan? :)

  4. Yea ^__^. I want to study in the UK though, because it's my favourite country :). I need to learn German first, if I want to be an exchange student to Germany... Unfortunately my German right now is still a piece of crap... It took me almost 2 weeks to differ "Ihr" und "Sie"!!


    Ahh, is Oktoberfest all about beer? :p I think the things would be very expensive there too! I really need to go to Germany someday! I actually am planning to move to Europe for university/ after university! I like Europe very much! (Considering myself speaking one / two sentences of the following languages :p : French , German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and super little of Norwegian...) I don't even know why I learnt so many languages :LOL:!


    Wow! Lucky you! I am still struggling with that... I am entering a competition , if I win, I will get 750 pounds! So if I win and parents let me go and see them in London.... I will be seeing you in London too :awesome:!


    I see! Germany is a big country, isn't it? :) I think Germany is like the UK, they both have very interesting histories!

  5. :LOL: You just got back to la crib...

    and you're on! :p

  6. Nopes :)

    How are you?

  7. :o That's cool! Amazing! Any leprechauns ? :p I think Ireland is a very lovely country :happy:


    Yes :( . I know! I love learning languages too :D! Really? That's cool!

    I want to live in Germany for a while too ! It seems a really awesome country!

    What's Oktober fest like? :awesome:


    Only the UK. I love it there :awesome:! Next time you come to HK, remember to find me!

    Travelling is my hobby as well. I am going to New York this sommer :DDDDDDDDDDDD!

    Are you going anywhere this summer? :happy:

  8. Yay :D. You like Eire? It's a lovely lil country :happy:


    It is :'( . I had a hard time finding the differences between "ihr" and "Sie"...

    In Hong Kong, we don't have foreign languages at school :/ . (If you consider English "foreign" :LOL: then we do)

    It's sad :/


    Wow :o. French! C'est tres bien :D! Moi, je parle tres un peu le francais :p.

    Russian D:. All those characters!

    I always envy you Europeans.. You can take languages :'( at school!

    Not here :/

    And Italian, I only know how to count from 1-10 and com esta? :p

  9. I like Germany and Germanic languages... Thank you :o!

    I have very few German friends... (But a lot of French ones :p.)

    I need to learn it on my own with books from Amazon because..

    The Goethe Institut in Hong Kong doesn't have lessons for people under 16 :'(


    I love the UK ! It's my favourite country ^__^.

    I see.. I am a new fan, but I immediately fell in love more and more after having seen them live!


  10. Hey :)

    :o! Lucky you!

    I am still trying to find air tickets and hope my parents will let me go to Wembley ><!


    :D! You're from Deutschland?

    I am trying to learn German on my own :p!

    So hard! x

  11. That's great :D

    I am trying to learn German on my own ^__^

    (It's very hard D: )!

  12. Hi :D

    You're from Germany? :D

  13. I see :).

    You must be going to Wembley, are you?

  14. !!!????? You're going to HK this summer? :O

  15. Hey :D.

    You're from teh UK?

  16. :p. Like I am really doing something illegal :LOL:


    ^__^. Hahahah . The cat was lovely :LOL:! Ahhh, I need to wear glasses too - but I felt dizzy afterwards. Me and my friend feel like throwing up :facepalm:


    Yea :( . They should grow their own :LOL: So supply and demand all own their owns :D


    I know :rolleyes:;)


    Why? :O

    No :(. But one of those myspace competition winners promised to help me with the message thing!

    I hope the winner will really have the time / chance to do so! And also, Matt to get back to me!! :D


    Why vitamins? :( Yay! Don't be sick lil miss! :( Take care and rest!


    I am doing good , just going through the Muse clips I filmed for the first time! :LOL:

    I want to go to Wembley :'(

  17. Merci bien :D!

    I've added you ^___^


    ^____^ . C'est bien :D!


    :o. Fun! Who / what did you dress up as?


    We don't have stuff like these at my school :'( !

    (Yay! My new course of French starts tomorrow :awesome:

    Hope my teacher's going to be a nice one? :LOL:) x

  18. Merci bien :D.

    Tu as MSN? :)


    Aww, thanks!

    I can teach you some Chinese if you want :LOL:


    Oui! Merci bien ^___^. Mais j'ai fatigue D:. (I have had only 1-2 hrs of sleep D:)

    Et toi? As-tu passe une bonne journee? ^__^?

  19. Yay ^___^. I am happy that you had a great bday!!


    :o Amazing!!!!!!!! Do you think you will go over to NY during summer? :p

    (Please say yes :supersad:)

  20. Yay :)

    Did you have a great one? :D

    (Do you live near NY ?:) )

  21. Merci tres bien :D!


    Really? :)


    I tried to buy some French books...

    Ended up I don't even understand " Le Petit Nicolas" :'(

    :supersad: My French can never get me to France :'(


    I am going to NY this summer :awesome:

  23. Hahahah! :$


    I know :awesome::LOL:


    Wow. Do you think it's good? I watched it with my friend after our exams :D!

    (Did you feel dizzy after watching? I felt like I was going to die !!! D: )


    Yea! But I mean , I prefer people doing drugs than smoking. Because smoking = affecting people. Drugs = themselves. So druggies!! :D


    XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Hmm, Chris should be the example ;)

    Pwoper muscles :chris:


    Haha! I don't think you're ugly at all! (because I obviously am :'( )

    I really want Matt to read my messages - it's for the scrapbook! F--king important :'/


    So how's my Nataly again? :awesome:

  24. Non non , it's ok :D

    Je n'aime pas le printemps a Hong Kong! :/

    It's too humid and hot :'(


    Ah I see..... I thought it would be crazy to hide eggs for strangers XD!


    ! how do you call holidays in French? :s


    :o . That's amazing!!!

    I really want to visit France ;'(

    (someone teach me better French!!!!)

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