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  1. The Ticketmaster fees are always ridiculous, but prices have definitely gone up, and not just for Muse. I still have the email receipt from the 2013 gigs at Staples, and a GA ticket then only cost me $87.50 with fees, as opposed to $120 yesterday.


    On the other hand, the one time we *didn't* have to buy presale tix from Ticketmaster (for the 2015 show in Glendale):


    Item Total: $65.00

    Service Fees: $6.35

    Total Optional Fee $1.00

    Delivery $0.00

    Total Charge $72.35

  2. They could have a rotating happy ending or a sad one. :LOL:


    They're not playing Aftermath, which is supposed to be the happy ending after the story, so maybe Sing For Absolution as the redemption song? haha. Or Bliss as the guy/girl falls in love again, but in a more obsessive and less cheesy way. :chuckle:


    Downer ending gets TSP and TAB closer, with the devil showing up to get his dues and the drone-turned-dictator going to hell. I wouldn't mind that closer in the slightest. :awesome:

  3. Yeah, I miss The Resistance tour's setlists.


    Boy, I bet none of us expected to say that back in 2010! :chuckle:


    Just imagine if Muse had the balls to go all out with their Drones album theme for this tour, ignoring the poppy hits for once. You could stay within album families and:


    -Put Assassin somewhere between Psycho and The Handler, removing Starlight (lol)

    -Add Stockholm Syndrome to the set. I'm not sure where; thematically I guess it would go before The Handler (I wish I could into you will never own me again).

    -Change PiB for Hyper Music or New Born, both of which fit Drones better than PiB. I know they do it for the singalong, but as Glendale proved (:'(), the new American audience doesn't know PiB anyway.

    -Change Feeling Good to Citizen Erased, or Bliss (which doesn't fit the theme as well, but deserves to be there more than an old cover song).

    -Remove UD and/or Resistance to make room for MK Ultra. Someone can make Matt a blinky Magneto helmet instead of the blinky glasses.

    -Make Apocalypse Please permanent and add a second, rotating piano slot. RBS/B&H/Hoodoo/Sunburn/etc?



    Yes, I know it's never going to happen. :( The Madness crowd wouldn't recognize this Muse at all, but for a moment it looked like they were heading this way with the Psycho tour. *sigh*

  4. I'm all for more Abso songs on the setlist. Bring them on! :facemelt:


    Stockholm syndrome is one of those rare songs that no one can complain about. It's not rare, but it's awesome enough to deserve a permanent setlist slot. Even at its most lackluster, it beats any song on the next three albums by a LOT. So of course it is gone :facepalm:


    Seriously Muse, if you're tired of Stockholm, rotate it with something that at least approaches it in live energy. Hyper Music, perhaps? The Small Print? In Your World? Anything is better than closing your set with Starlight like on the Unsustainable tour, but MWAH into Knights is getting really old. :indiff:

  5. I got presale tickets for both nights in LA. I think the box office opened about 11 AM that morning, though they only gave me the tickets for Friday and refused to give me my tickets for the next day, so I had to go back on the Saturday. :indiff:


    I think you'll be okay as long as you don't show up 10 minutes before doors, to be honest. :) If you go earlier in the day, there will be one or two windows open, but as it gets later they open more windows because they expect more will calls to show up. At least that's how it worked at Staples Center.


    Good luck!

  6. Saturday was bad not only because of the setlist ....

    But Also the crowd, I was surprised to see so many people over 40 at a muse concert . Since when they have an older following? Or are these over 4O fans been a fan since 1999??!!


    Of course when you have an older crowd , you will have people sitting down.... And people who would want to stand up and make a fuss , would be less inclined to do so out of respect of these older folks.

    So in practice , it s a domino effect. Older crowd are like mummies, younger kids don't want to piss them off, hence, low energy crowd, making the band play caput because they feed off the caput crowd.


    My mom is 56 and she was more lively at the gigs than some teenagers that were messing with their phones the whole time (and I don't mean filming, I mean not paying attention at all to the concert).


    Age has nothing to do with it, and posting the same thing in all the threads doesn't make it any more true.


    Back to the gig...are we counting the Vuilstamen riff as a rarity? I thought it was new, and then found out the band were playing it as early as the OoS era. :chuckle: Sounded great to me either way!

  7. Night 2 I had seats and everyone stood up the entire show, clapping, headbanging, singing along. I even saw a mini circle of death on the floor during Knights.


    I noticed this too! On night 1 there were more people sitting for some reason. The couple in front of me was disgraceful; two young twenty-somethings, obviously bf and gf, sitting and checking their facebook or whatever ALL NIGHT except for 4 songs that inspired them to stand up (Uprising, Madness, UD, Knights).


    Last night I had a father and a smallish boy, 7 or so, at his very first concert. Now that's parenting done right, and neither of them were messing with their phones except to take a picture now and then. :yesey: The couple behind me, probably in their late 40s, had a ball and stood and cheered the entire time.


    The mini circle of death started way back during Psycho if I remember correctly. :happy: It just took some proper rock songs to get them going again after the cheese.

  8. I was in seats both nights unfortunately, but the crowd down in the pit looked livelier tonight than last night. They just make more noise for the poppy songs, like Madness and Mercy. :( At least TIRO and Knights get people moving!


    This is why we can't have nice things, America! I can't believe Phoenix got a rarity and Staples II did not (I refuse to count FG as a rarity.)

  9. I have this vision in my head of a bunch of guys standing in the arena in Houston, gazing up at the scoreboard, thinking 'oh... balls...'


    I was reading your post and suddenly I remembered that time Dave Grohl grabbed Chris' bollocks (allegedly). I wonder if he did it to Matt, if he'd finally say "screw it, fancy malfunctioning drones or not we're going to play!" and just rock out. :unsure:


    If the band are going to get rid of everything that gets a lousy reaction from Americans, we'll soon have a set that goes like this:


    1. Supermassive Black Hole

    2. Starlight

    3. Madness

    4. Feeling Good

    5. Knights


    :( I watched a video of the gig I went to (Glendale, AZ). That part where we all sing along to PIB? I was screaming it from the barrier, as were all the people around me. You can't even hear us on the video, which came from the seats. And when they played Apocalypse Please, Matt and Chris were both on the wings, which hadn't sold out. So only Dom could see the insanity that was the deliriously happy, bunched-up hardcore fans on the sides of the barrier (because VIP got the middle).

  10. Here's an AZ Republic interview with Dom about working on Drones, Mutt Lange, and the new show and stage. :)


    Howard mentions “Psycho” when asked if there were times when they found themselves struggling to stay committed to reining it in.



    “There was a moment there where we wanted to start putting more layers on ‘Psycho,’ ” he says. “We were talking about more strings in certain parts of the song. I mean, there is a little bit there in the middle eight. But we were kind of thinking of going much further with that on that song. Then we said, 'You know, it’s just kind of, like, a cheap blues riff. Let’s not lose sight of what it is.' ”


    "So we just went with it, like, ‘Well, why not?' He’s a very well-known name in the world of production. And we thought it would be interesting to see what he does, how we works and how that would work with us. We worked with him for quite a few months and then we did quite a bit of work on our own. But he was great. And so detailed. He makes you play parts of the song a million times. He likes to get you to play every single emotional version of that part of the song, from really accelerated and energetic to super jaded and over it. Because you never know.”


    “It’s completely different to anything we’ve ever done before,” Howard says. “And it’s wild, but it’s also a massive challenge for the band because we’re in the middle. We’ve got the audience all around us. It’s a circular stage in the middle that’s spinning around with me on it and two massive walkways and stages either side of that. So there are many times when Matt and Chris are on these massive wings and I’m just in the middle of this massive arena on my own, playing the drums. (Laughs.) It’s a completely different way of playing because we’re not all on the same stage looking at each other and communicating visually."


    Full article here: http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/music/2015/11/27/muse-interview-drones-tour-dom-howard/76455378/

  11. 5. My one complaint is Matt needs to stop prancing about. Dropping the guitar during starlight and uprising really serves no purpose. It was blatently obvious how much more powerful uprising was when Matt started playing the guitar.


    THIS. THIS THIS THIS. On Saturday every song turned 10 times more epic when the guitar came in, but for Starlight and Uprising Matt was just running around and making us sing. :noey: That might work in Europe, but here? :(


    Also, I feel like they're always in the worst possible spot to hear the crowd. When they played AP, Matt went over to the piano at one end, and Chris went to the other end, and where was the crowd that actually knew the song (and was going batshit)? We were belting it out from the sides of the circle, since the VIPs took the middle of it. The band were closest to the very sparse people seated on the ends, the quiet ones that just take pics and clap politely.




    AP sounded so good, too! :facemelt:

  12. I'm not sure if it was the venue, or that people didn't know about it! I've run into people while out shopping and stuff, wearing my Muse shirts, and when they said "Muse!" I always asked if they knew they were coming to Phoenix in December. The answer was always "No, really?"




    They really shoot themselves in the foot by doing this piecemeal announcing of dates and throwing presales at us 5 minutes after they announce a show. And I don't know who is supposed to promote the tour, but they're doing an awful job of it. You could tell just by the queue that something changed since the last tour. This time I wandered up to my friends at 1:30 PM and ended up second in line at one of the gates. :noey: The crowd didn't really show up until after 5.


    I don't know, maybe everyone is broke in December because of Black Friday? :unsure:

  13. I liked Phantogram, but they need to ditch the strobe lights. I had to close my eyes at times because I couldn't take it anymore. :noey:


    As for Muse, I will admit that Matt is getting lazy...there were at least two songs where I remember thinking "hey! why is Morgan playing the guitar while you faff around with the crowd, Matt?" :chuckle:


    Still great though. I'm about to start sorting through my pics of last night, will probably post some later. :D


    AZCentral article here: http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/music/2015/12/06/muse-concert-review-drones-tour-glendale/76883136/

    It's a bit pessimistic about the small crowd, but pretty complimentary for the band.

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