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  1. I tried to reply to you but your box is full. :) It's not the same Amanda, but I reached out to this Amanda to see what she thinks. And please don't let me terrify you out of coming to LA, I'd rather stick to what I know and not get lost in the dodgy parts of town after dark. :LOL: I don't *know* that the downtown area is unsafe.

  2. I love your videos! Had a good laugh while in the queue at Lollapalooza last year. :)

  3. Thank you! :happy: It was a great day...minus the friends angsting over babybell rumors. :chuckle:

  4. Happy birthday, fellow Jan 12 baby! :awesome:

  5. Happy birthday, fellow Jan 12 baby! :awesome:

  6. Happy birthday, fellow January 12 baby! :awesome:

  7. Thank you very much! :happy:

  8. Merry Christmas, Gabi! :happy:

  9. :chuckle: I forgot about that group (again). I did go to ASU, but I graduated in December. I still live in Tempe and work in Phoenix :p


    It's still nice to see fellow AZ Musers around the board, though. :happy: Lately I've been chatting with the California Musers, since I went to San Diego for the gig...but it's not the same.

  10. Hey! I just saw your post in the Last Muse gig attended thread. :happy: It's nice to see others who went to the US Airways gig! I've lived in AZ for 11 years, and never bumped into a Muser irl. I don't get it. :chuckle:

  11. I do wear my Muse shirt, so I shouldn't be undetected :LOL:. I even bought one for my sis after the San Diego show, so she can walk around MCC and get bombarded by Musers (and turn into one herself).


    Random MCC kid: "Hey, you went to the Muse concert? Me too! What's your favorite song?"

    My sis: "Eh...that one song with the piano?" (Apocalypse Please)


    I'll make a Muser of her yet. :yesey: My dad is one already, especially after the SD concert.


    (I wish I could wear my Muse T-shirts to work :supersad:)

  12. Hey, another Muser in Phoenix? :awesome: Well, technically I'm in Tempe, but...po-tay-to, po-tah-to. :LOL:

  13. Off the top of my head, I remember:


    Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding

    Tiny Dancer

    Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

    I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

    Bennie and the Jets

    Candle in the Wind

    Something About The Way You Look Tonight


    Madman Across the Water

    Take Me To The Pilot

    Philadelphia Freedom

    You're Never Too Old To Love Somebody

    Circle of Life

    Crocodile Rock

    Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

    The Bitch is Back

    I'm Still Standing

    Rocket Man

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Your Song


    He played more, and the order is messed up, but basically he played all of his hits. My mother is annoyed because he plays rare songs in Europe, and all the radio hits here (go figure).

  14. Wonderful! :) I'm glad you were here to take care of the Pictionary court while I was away, Sir Knight.


    Also, both the king and I are computer geeks, and I've made my own messageboards before, so if you need help customizing things or anything, let me know. I'm sure supralover would help as well.

  15. Didn't your location say SoCal before? :wtf: *is not very observant lately*


    My father is all for going to San Diego in September. Now I just need decent tickets, and to accumulate enough PTO to take two days off. :awesome:



    The Elton John concert rocked. Even with food poisoning (he took a couple of breaks), he played over 2 and a half hours. (I wish Muse would do the same.) I knew all the songs, since I've been hearing them since before I was born. :LOL: Funeral for a Friend is chilling live. I've inherited my mother's dislike of the super-extended Rocket Man, though.


    And then EJ called the artists who boycott Arizona f%$#wits and won the crowd. My mom took a sign with the Argentinian flag on it that read 'Argentina <3 You' and they all pointed at it and blew kisses at her and stuff, so she was over the moon. She even got a guitar pick. The only low point was the venue. Tucson's Convention Center is like my high school gym, only twice as big. The security guards were worse than the Phoenix ones (They wouldn't even let my mom and the other crazy fans take pictures in front of the stage...before the show started. WTF? It's not like it'll hurt the piano!), and there is not a single place around the TCC where you can buy a bottle of water at 11:30. :noey:


    We had a blast, though. What sucked was driving to Tucson, finding out the show was postponed, sleeping horribly on hotel beds, driving home, going to work for 4 hours, driving back to Tucson, going to the show, sleeping less than five hours, driving home, and then working a full day. By 6 on Friday I gave up and went home. :sleepy:


  16. Awesome! :awesome: I forgot we had that group. No one posts there anyway, which is kinda sad.


    Whereabouts in AZ? I've been in Tempe for the past 11 years. (:supersad:)

  17. Yeah, I wouldn't go to one of the public pools. Bleh. We rent a house with a pool (that just got resurfaced, yay).


    Humidity is so nasty when there is no rain! The other day I just wanted to curl up with an ice pack or something, it was awful. :p

  18. I got a job :dance:, so my summer is over. That's okay. I have money now, and I can still go swimming at night.


    As for the World Cup...I think most Argies were waiting for the moment when Maradona's dream team would come crashing out, but after the first few games we sort of forgot they had no defense and got all excited. :( Still, it's better to lose 4-0 to a clearly better team, than to lose on penalties like in 2006. Argentina 2011, London 2012, and Brasil 2014, here we come!

  19. Heyyy, welcome back! :) How is your summer so far?


    I'm working for Aetna. My title according to HR is Network Representative, but that's just because they are lazy and don't change the job descriptions. I'm the newbie on the Provider Data Management team, and I'll be doing quality control and reports for the state's Medicaid program. It's not a "programming" job, per se, but I'll get some industry experience and use lots of SQL. Now that I'm in, it'll be easier to transfer to an IT department...and hopefully one in some other state. :LOL: Aetna is very open to WAH (Work-at-Home).


    I'm going to be haunting TicketMaster and MuseBay as well, since I had no money when the SoCal tickets went on sale. As much as I'd love GA, if I drag my father along he won't go for it. He's very uncomfortable in seats, at least at USAC (He's 6'0 and 250 pounds), but I doubt he'll want to stand in the back for the whole show, and there is no way he'd line up all afternoon. It depends on when we drive in or fly in anyway--probably the latter, because I don't have much accrued PTO. :erm:


    I did think of a Pictionary court at one time. Perhaps we should have a vote, or have people self-nominate like we did. :LOL: Some people (I won't name names) seem to hang out on the board all day, so they'd be perfect for it. They can hold down the fort when we're not around.



  21. I have noticed...and I couldn't believe how the thread got all screwed up. :facepalm: You leave people alone for a few days and everything goes to hell in a handbasket.


    I'm just getting used to my new work schedule...and mourning for the World Cup final that we're not going to play...and turning my father into a Muser (Seriously. Now he's all sorry that he didn't come to the Phoenix show with me. I'm trying to convice him to fly out to San Diego in September, if I can hunt down some decent tickets, and save up the money for the flight and hotel. :awesome: I haven't told him that the possibility of hearing Dead Star at the show is about 0.0000899%).


    Anyway, I'll probably barge into the thread tomorrow and see if I can impose some kind of order. You do the same, O Pictionary King. You have the *authority*. :LOL:

  22. Duuuude...my car looks so lame next to this sweet ride:


    Yip yip!



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