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  1. Exactly! Who knew I had a test-exam today so I couldn't go anyway. Those pictures made my day though
  2. I was in the front row and the crowd there was great! Sad to hear the rest was awful...I'm not surprised though.
  3. Yeah! You gotta hurry if you want a good spot. People are pouring in from everwhere, and faaast.
  4. I‘m all queued up with another 20–25 people. Wouldn‘t think so many would be willing to stand here for 3+ hours, in a –15C breeze I have seriously underestimated musers.
  5. My favourite song off the album! I've got the instrumental version on my phone and can't stop listening to it from the part somewhere in the middle where the trumpet comes in. Reminds me a bit of Franz Ferdinand too
  6. I really like the second half of "Madness" and "Unsustainable" is amazing live. But the best track on the album by far is "Panic Station".
  7. YES! See you in Tallinn!
  8. I understood from Twitter that they draw lots on whether they'll play stockholm or new born...I don't know. Anyway, 6 days to go
  9. I read on another medical site that if treated well, a broken toe takes up to 10 day to heal. Just in time for Helsinki gig, am I right? But oh maaan...I feel really sorry for you Swedish and Norweigan fans. I was supposed to go see them in Stockholm 2 years ago and it was cancelled. I can't believe that same thing happened again. And the next week or so will be very anxious for me. I'm about to see them for the first time ever in Tallinn and I really hope Matt gets his shit together by then.
  10. Fingers crossed for Tallinn's date not to be cancelled!
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