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  1. That phone thing just spread like fire eh? Too bad I didn't have a function to flash a light..
  2. So, no audio or video recording... WHY (per @LiveAtACC)
  3. Oh what do you mean, have an extra ticket?
  4. 2nd Muse gig for me. I'm going to try not filming as much material so I can listen and watch the concert with undivided attention but if I were to, what do you guys think is worth the recording time?
  5. Wow, thanks! Didn't expect any birthday wishes on here.

  6. Dying for them to post the show for rewatching.. well, I hope they do!
  7. Happy birthday. :>

  8. Is the iTunes stream in Canada up for anyone? (or any iTunes, for that matter?)
  9. You people are so lucky! Would love to see Muse on my birthday
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