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    I am just a girl with ideas who laughs at things that aren't funny & smiles at things that don't matter.

    I tried being normal, but I didn't like it.
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    MUSE, 3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, aerosmith, ac/dc, alice cooper, alice in chains, arctic monkeys, beatles, bee gees, biffy clyro, black sabbath, blood red shoes, bloody beetroots death crew 77, bon jovi, comme restus, def leppard, deftones, depeche mode, descendents, dropkick murphys, editors, eagles, enter shikari, faith no more, fightstar, florence + the machine, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, gallows, glasvegas, gogol bordello, goo goo dolls, gorillaz, green day, guns and roses, homens da luta, incubus, jane’s addiction, jeff buckley, jet, journey, joy division, julian casablancas, kaiser chiefs, kasabian, kings of leon, kiss, korn, led zeppelin, limp bizkit, linkin park, local natives, lynyrd skynyrd, mando diao, manic street preachers, mão morta, mgmt, michael Jackson, miike snow, miss lava, morrisey, mumford & sons, my chemical romance, new young pony club, nirvana, nouvelle vague, oasis, ornatos violeta, pearl jam, (fuck the limit of characters)
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    29th November 2009
    27th May 2010
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  1. Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo :happy:

  2. Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo:xmas:

  3. Portugal ows a great crowd and speaks Portuguese, yeah that was a dumb question :p

    Oh You got to touch Chino?! :awesome: Well... I got to touch Eddie Vedder :):happy::dance: He's a drunk god! :LOL:



    Sorry about the late reply btw

  4. Sorry for the late reply btw...*coughs* er I forgot my pasword! :LOL:


    :kiss: x

  5. Nice videos Ana! :D I wish I was from Portugal...you guys sound amazing...ooh er and Pearl Jam too haha :LOL: Oh and this might sound like a dumb question but what language does Portugal speak btw?? Oh and yes hun Chino's vocals were awesome and he had great energy! Ha! I got to touch him too! :p xx

  6. This is the song:

    :awesome::dance: ! Oh and that's not everything, Eddie Vedder said that Portugal is the best singing crowd of the world :dance: and You have to listen to Better Man:

    I had sooo much fun! Nice times... :happy:

    Oh You'll see Deftones soon?! Great :awesome: Chino is back, his vocals are awesome, his energy, everything, the old Chino is back :happy: oh and their show... 24 SONGS :eek:! WOW! ...

    No I didn't take pics (I lost my fuckin camera :().

  7. Oh and it's great to hear that Deftones are amazing and loud because I shall be seeing them very soon! :awesome: Kisses my friend! :kiss:



  8. Haha what! Pearl Jam wrote a song for Portugal?? :eek: By chance do you remember how that song went Ana?? :LOL: Wow and what can I say...it sounds like you had quite an amazing time! Did you take any pics at all hun?? :D xx

  9. Hey there :)

    Optimus Alive was awesome! :awesome::happy:

    Pearl Jam wrote a song for Portugal, yay. :p Nice times... Yeah Deftones, they're amazing (and loud) ! :):D

    I want it again :p

  10. Yes you must take some pics for me please?? :D Haha I need to get the whole Ana Experience! :eyebrows: Oh and heeey I remember earlier you mentioned Deftones...would you happen to be fond of them by any chance hun?? :awesome: x

  11. Well, I can't be Matt cause I don't have blue eyes, I can't be Dom cause I'm not blonde... Chris is the answer, but without the moustache :D:LOL:

    Well Optimus Alive is not very known, but the bands are just awesome! :awesome::D:dance:

    I'll try to take some pics :):happy: (First I'll have to find my camera :indiff:)

  12. Well too be Chris...you might have to gain a few pounds and perhaps grow a stunning 'stache! :D Haha you think you can handle that Ana?? :LOL: And Optimus Alive?? Hmm never heard of it but by the bands that you mentioned...it sounds like it will be just EPIC! :yesey: Will you be taking any pics hun?? xx

  13. Haha :LOL: I'll be disguised as Chris :D

    Yeah... I'm kinda young, I'm 14 (and I fuckin' hate my age! :indiff::phu:). About the concerts... I'm going to see Biffy Clyro, Kasabian, Deftones, Pearl Jam and so many great bands next week :happy::awesome: ... I'll go to Optimus Alive the best portuguese festival this year :):D:awesome:

  14. Oh yes Ana...no one will notice you inside a bag! :rolleyes::LOL: Haha maybe you should go disguised as one of the band members too! :p Heeey btw how old are you...it's just that you look so young but yet you have attended some pretty epic concerts no?? :eyebrows: x

  15. haha yeah :happy: Well I know that feeling, It'll be worse for Wembley, I know sooo many people who'll go... God! I can't even think about It! :(:noey: I just want to go inside of someone else's bag :p maybe I should start looking for someone... :D

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