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  1. Why of course.

    We're ninja assassins we don't need to justify ourselves!

    Off to lurk I go.. :shifty:

  2. Maybe I should go have a lurk in the PMT then :shifty:

    all in the name of research of course :chuckle:

  3. New sig Bee :eyebrows: very nice :chuckle:

  4. Hey! Thanks for the friend request, I didn't even know we weren't friends on here :LOL:

  5. Floooooooooooooooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnncccccccce

  6. Exactly what I was hoping you would say... :ninja:

  7. haven't listened to a full Muse album but my favorite song is Starlight with second being Supermassive Black Hole

    I am not joking, I just saw that in the Australian tour thread...

    If all the ninja assassins miss out because of this.... :fear:

  8. Nahh it's alright I'm recently becoming obsessed :chuckle:


    Yep, Muse are just once in a lifetime. I would honestly have dropped everything to assure I got tix- they're so worth it :happy:

    That's so exciting about your Uni graduation being on around the same time! What an awesome few weeks you will have!

    Alright, seeya xx

    Good luck tomorrow!

  9. I recommend a Sex And the City marathon ;) It was sort of distracting :chuckle:

    I really hope all the boardies get them! I am definitely starting to stress..

  10. :LOL: Presale on soon, nerves are setting in...
  11. Not even Edward Jesus will be able to save them..

  12. They shall not know what hath hit them :chuckle:


  13. I think that's a good idea :LOL: gotta keep the people happy right :chuckle:.

    It really is chaotic, all the Australian tour threads are taking over the board :LOL:

    Your budgie is a Saint.

  14. As long as it's only for a day though :chuckle: And no, you definitely can't disappoint the budgie fans. Yay for some normalcy(in the form of a federal budgie in your sig) in all this presale chaos :LOL:

  15. Just wanted to say, thank god the federal budgie is back :LOL:

  16. :LOL: Parents :noey: oh how they sometimes fail
  17. Yep and then a third but they all went really quick. Like my mum was refreshing from before 9 and she just couldn't get any. Doesn't help that she's not the most technologically adept person :LOL:

  18. I love Florence so much, but yeah I missed out, they went very quickly :( It would've been amazing, I might've tried ebay but I thought Muse tix would be on sale soon.

  19. Happened to me with Florence tickets. Not a fun day :chuckle:

  20. I'm definitely having the day off! No way could I survive a day at school knowing what was going on :chuckle:

  21. I am so worried I'll miss out :LOL: positve thinking.. positive thinking

  22. Hey! God I am so excited!! Yeeees, Acer Muser meet-up!!! It feels so strange now that they've finally announced dates

  23. Hey, that's okay, saw you in the Aus stalker watch thread! Gotta love that thread lol

  24. Aww I'm sorry for my insensitivity- they better announce them soon though!

  25. Just shoot me Grace just shoot me right now please- right in the middle of my forehead- OHMYFUCKINGGOD

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