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  1. that's a neat track, I liked what they did there a lot more than I thought I would, for whatever reason

  2. I'd probably say their most recent, which is called IV if I'm not mistaken. Some great tracks on there. Yeah, the only vocals that come close to Bannon's for me are Amenra's, although they're a very different type of intense.


    I'll give you my opinion on the two soon enough! haha

  3. depends, I think so - they're very chaotic though especially in the new stuff, it kinda sounds like a Converge demo in places I'd say, though the vocals aren't as savage.


    Can be nice travelling round pubs for a while, I know there's a fair few here I'm yet to visit. Also I watched The Raid today since I saw you post about it in the film thread, probably going to watch the 2nd one tonight, was impressed with the first.

  4. yeah basically haha, think a few trips to the pub are in order. That band sure have some nice riffs, remind me a bit of early Loma Prieta with the aggressive sounds going into almost twinkly parts.


    You been up to much of late?

  5. it's all good man, just finished some exams & coursework so I'm basking in the short-lived facade of freedom right now


    I'll check out these guys, I like every Irish bands I've listened to I think; it sounds like this will continue the trend

  6. I know what you mean, I really struggle to find anything djent-y that I enjoy a lot outside of meshuggah, a lot of it just sounds too safe and clean for me

  7. yeah, it's one of the heaviest things I've heard in a long time - I've liked everything I've heard of Godflesh but I wasn't expecting it to be anything near the level that this is on

  8. it's ok sammy I enjoyed your messages

  9. ah yeah I'm a big fan, they put on what I think is one of the heaviest live shows I've ever seen, would definitely recommend it if they tour anywhere near at some point

  10. it'd be awesome if they toured with Gojira and Kvelertak, shows with three bands as good as that makes it like going to a mini festival

  11. haha oh christ that sounds like one of those things that's so bad it becomes great

  12. can't think of any off the top of my head I don't think, I'll give you a shout if I'm reminded of or come across some because I'm sure there must be more

  13. oh man awesome! contrary to what people on metalsucks seem to be saying there I actually really enjoy the chorus - sits just the right side of cheesy for me. Hope all of their new album is this fun.

  14. Need to buy some headphones but I think I will as soon as I get some, they've been getting a lot of attention and in the scene they're a part of that generally means they're a good band. Also they're playing a festival I'm going to soon so it'd be neat to know their stuff. I think I'll start with Blood Drive.

  15. yeah that's true, I guess a lot of extreme metal could be put into one of those two camps, with Meshuggah and Neurosis being the flag-bearer for each, as it were. In all honesty Meshuggah are one of the few bands within the more futuristic brand of metal that I really enjoy, a lot of it I am really not into at all.

  16. The Meshuggah comparison is a good one actually, I'd never really thought of that before - outside of the style of music they are similar in a lot of ways. The conceptual heft behind both bands is just huge, and neither of them really make concessions for people, which is always a good thing.

  17. Through Silver In Blood is a huge album - to be honest first time I heard I wasn't that big on it, but I kept listening to it and it just became a huge thing to me. Certainly when it comes to mastodon there's a real influence on Dailor's drumming and Sander's basswork that comes from that record, I guess Locust Star would be the best example of that.

  18. Not a problem man, Neurosis are one of my favourites and it's great when other people like stuff I like. Byzantine seem pretty cool, way different from a lot of stuff I usually listen to, but that's a good thing, never hurts to have some variation. I quite like the vocals, not sure why people would take an issue with them - people complaining about the fact that they're clean at all must not have listened to a lot of the older metal acts.

  19. I can imagine that they'd be mindblowing live. The bands I saw were great fun, helped me to decide which bands I'll see when they tour as well, which is always good.

  20. How was Sigur Ros man? Just got back from Leeds, was great.

  21. Ahh nice, hows the piano lessons going? And yeah, should be pretty great, looking forward to it!

  22. Heh, oh wow. I did click the button a few times before it did anything, that's probably why. Does seem funny that it would spam you with messages though, haha.

  23. Certainly better than anything I would have done!

  24. Heh, cheers. Did you make it?

  25. Ahh man, the piano part to videotape is great, I could hear that tune all day. I love the New Born intro too.

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