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    If its fun, I'd probably do it.
    I would rather regret something I did than something I didnt.
    Other than that, I am an open book so just ask.
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    making people laugh, raising hell and experiencing life as it comes at me.
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    Food artist and bubble tech...ok, it just sounds better than pizza cook.
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    3eb- Third Eye Blind
    Hootie and the Blowfish
    Theory of a deadman
    Linkin park
    many, many more.
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    anything funny...
    Anything with Johnny Depp...
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    When I have time..House, CSI, Who's line, and the geek in me likes stargate(so sue me)
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    Drinking with George,
    Causing a Scene,
    Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere,
    Anything by Jack London,
    Jennifer Government
    Friday Night Lights
    Improv Wisdom
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    Just learned of them so nothing yet

    First one i am buying is going to be Absolution, love it.
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    Seattle 4/2/2010 /and or Portland
    If I win the lottery...every show..lol
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  1. My friend... you were really missed this weekend. You would have had a blast. I miss ya buddy. RIP

  2. Ok? You could start by calling me more. Just a thougt

  3. You have always been a good friend. Im sorry i couldnt have been a better one to you.

  4. Where are you? You need to call me, I really need to talk to someone before I do something dumb.

  5. So..about that blind date? Still want to try to set it up?

  6. Every song they have meaning to me. However, feeling good has probably had the largest impact on me. the song has so much meaning to me... for obvious reasons. Unintended is a close second.
  7. Thanks for deleting those messages. I was having a bad day yesterday. I sent you a text, so give me a call tonight.

  8. Sorry bout tonight. had to work late. maybe some other time

  9. Trust me you'll like her. At least meet her. I'll see if she can join up with us tonight. What do you have to lose?

  10. Tonight it is. Please dont try to hook me up with anyone. What am I saying you never listen to me anyhow.

  11. Okay we'll talk tonight. Maybe Steph has a friend she could hook you up with. I think I know just the one too.:D You could always move to California with me, if it ever happens.


    I need to go, I almost posted this to my own profile, your errors are contagious.

  12. I know you thats how I know what you are thinking. Im not selling myself short. So Im a great guy, big deal. What girl wants a guy with a poor job, no car, lives with his brother and has been married? They usually find that out and RUN. Like I've said before, I need a life before I can get a Girl. Thats what I am doing now, making a life for myself. Soon I will have a car, Im looking for a new job and going to move out of Steve and Jenns here soon.


    Why the hell are we making these messages viewable for the whole world? I dont need people to see this crap. Send me Private messages

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