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    nothing to say
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    Bogotá DC
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    Read many books, listen music, ok, listen muse.... and see movies and videos.
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    graphic design
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    MUSE, MUSE, MUSE... and, red hot chilli peppers, rage agaisnt the machine, radiohead, bon jovi,...
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    dracula, the x men, birdy
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    dexter, the vampire diares, bones.
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    all books of mistery, fiction science, and terror...
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    nothing..ohh my god...is so sad
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    not, yet....but some day...SOMEDAY
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  1. eola

    mapa y todo, eh!! que chica mas preparada jaja! asi seguro es que eres una usuaria mucho mas preparada que yo, cuando no sepa ya sé a quien le preguntaré jeje!! ;)

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