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    Rock, Hardrock, Metal, 60/70/80/90's... specially the 80's.
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    Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds, any Quentin Tarantino movie really
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    Friends, Desperate Housewives, LA Ink and Miami Ink, DWDD, and some other stuff..
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    Dutch books.. you wouldn't understand :P
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    Just a couple cd's in our household... O! and I believe a dvd too!... please don't kill me :S
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    Only been to one concert, and I'll be going to another one in the summer!
  1. Jup, INFJ Introverted 56 Intuitive 12 Feeling 88 Judging 11 I dunt get it actually...
  2. does anybody wanna help me make a dvd for the FULL resistance tour. for more go to gigs and tours>bootlegs>look for "Resistance Tour DVD" by jackparker ;) plz i really want to make this happen!

  3. Yeah sorry, "tolerant" wasn't actually the word I was looking for when I wrote that. Somebody else (scroll back if you will) already corrected me on that, and used another very good word for it I can't exactly remember what tho A mistake because I'm not that good at english
  4. I must admit that those twilight fangirls fuzzin irritate me, BUT I also have to admit that I don't hate twilight. I've read the books, I've seen the movies., and I liked them. You all probably want to kill me right now but I don't care. Everyone should be able to love what the like and like what they love if you know what I mean. I'm not saying that I'm CRAZY about twilght, but I'm also not saying that I didn't enjoy reading it. So. Huh. Btw, I don't think that the problem lies with twilight. You can like or hate it, but that's with all things. I think the problem lies with those idiot teenage girls. A soon as some popular girl had found something she likes, all of her friends have to like it too, although they maybe not even REALLY like it, you know? And so the popularity of a certain thing grows, till there's this mania build of screaming and freaking fangirls who like it because everybody fucking does (like a trend). And when this get mixed up with, let's say, a MUSE SONG, which is from a whole different interest-group, that group obviously will be angry, because now they're associated with another interest-group (which is almost the opposite I think). That's it. It's not about twilight, it's about those girls, and their shitty copy-cat habbit. SO. That's just my opinion, and I'm not going to apologise for liking twilight, and I'm certainly not going to apologise for HATING those "popular" girls.
  5. OR, maybe, "the less intelligent people/people that don't care about school" (as Kirby nicely said ) just don't get the lyrics. I mean, when I don't understand something, it interests me less.
  6. Ok, just to be sure, I'm not saying that listening to Muse makes you smart. It's just that they tend to attract the more clever people... And also, if you're clever, you don't have to like Muse, and indeed intelligence isn't a necessity for being fan.
  7. Omg, that's really And you should take a pic of it and post it here, as should everyone else here who have seen matt-look-alikes Do you know teachers/other people who like them? No teachers, but I recently found out some fellow-students do - Do you have conversations about them? Well, if I talk about music with anyone, ofcourse I mention Muse a couple of times... - If you do music as a subject, do you learn their songs? Do you have a band? I'm in a band, and we've done Time Is Running Out, and In Your World (not with the band I'm in right now though, they don't really like Muse that much ) - Do you do stupid things like write on chalkboards "Muse rules," or write funny messages? Noo, but I'll start doing that from now on Maybe: "YOU WILL NOT CONTROL US" on my teacher's table? - Do you stick posters up of them? I've just bought my first poster via the Muse official shop, cos that's teh only way for me to get my hands on it -.- - Do you draw/paint them in art? Yeah, as a future artist (I hope) I draw a lot, so I've drawn muse a couple of times. I'm actually planning to do a big poster soon
  8. Hmm.. nope. I'm not gonna vote. No really. Not. ... Ok, I voted for Dom... I actually think that Chris is just a liiiiitttle bit better in what he does (and I think he does invent his own bass-solo's), but it's easier for me to imagine Chris leaving the group than Dom. Ofcourse I wouldn't dare to imagine anyone to leave Muse, but what seems more logical, This: or this:
  9. I'm thinking that at first you think "hell no, he's ugly" (as most non-muse fans do), but if you get to know him a little bit more, and you see him talk and act and perform etc. that he grows on you. Then you see his beautiful eyes, and smile, and that his nose isn't that ugly after all. He has.... something. But I wouldn't call him a sex symbol, because than he''ll need much more fans . But he could be a sex symbol for people individual . I just think he's cute, but I also think that him being THAT good with his guitar and the piano and his voice and everything certainly is a main factor. And above all, his manners (hope that's pwoper english ) and how he acts is just what makes him so irresistible. But that's just all my opinion .
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