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  1. under 20 minutes if your in the eastern states of australia.
  2. I don't know if its a new special or old one but in any case you should be able to watch it on Video Hit website.
  3. A little bit late to notify everyone. Just saw that there is a Muse special today on Video Hits - Channel 10 starting at 11am EST.
  4. Hi all, its not the numbers lasered onto the vinyl but on the label stuck on to the vinyl. What I will do is when I get my scanner back from my brother I will try to scan it. But because its looks like black on black it might work but I will give it a try. As I don't have any autographs from muse I don't know if it is or not. But I do remember and this will show my age but back in the days of only vinyls sometimes people who manufactured the vinyl will put something of their own signature on them.
  5. I'm sure it not the neddle cause I hadn't play it yet it was straight out of the sleeve. It look more like black marker than scratch. Oh well!
  6. Can't find anything about this on messageboard. I just used the vinyl first time today and had noticed what looked like a barely visable signature on the first vinyl side A just beside song title Uprising. I could only see it when I looked at it on an angle. I was trying to blow off some dust. I might be seeing things as I don't the best eye sight. Let me know if anyone else notice it?
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