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  1. Just wanted to let all you Xbox Live users know that you can now (at least in the USA) watch youtube videos on your big tv's through Xbox Live. I have been watching lots of concerts of many bands today, the streams work very well and if your connection is fast enough the videos can be very very high quality! For those of you that haven't been able to download bootleg DVD's or never figured out how to actually get them on a disc, this is a GREAT alternative, at least for concerts that are uploaded to youtube.
  2. https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?hl=en_US&key=0AiK1z2mmBQy5dHlXYnpjNlkwb25BMDh3d0RsM0RxVHc&hl=en_US&gid=0 21 Hysteria 21 Knights of Cydonia 21 Plug in Baby 21 Supermassive Black Hole 21 Time Is Running Out 21 Starlight 18 Stockholm Syndrome 18 United States of Eurasia 18 Uprising 17 Resistance 15 New Born 15 Undisclosed Desires 14 Exogenesis Pt. 1 13 Map of the Problematique 12 Unnatural Selection 11 Feeling Good 7 Butterflies & Hurricanes 6 Guiding Light 5 Take a Bow 5 MK Ultra 4 Ruled By Secrecy 4 Citizen Erased 3 Soldier's Poem 2 Invincible 2 Hoodoo 2 City of Delusion 2 Sunburn 2 Bliss 2 Neutron Star Collision 1 Assassin 1 Sing for Absolution 1 Apocalypse Please 1 Unintended 1 I Belong To You
  3. Yeah I don't think QuickTime is a DVD player. You can certainly google this though, at this point... it's not rocket science (not trying to be harsh, but come on, if you can figure out how to use torrents, this shouldn't be that hard for you).
  4. Go to the folder of the DVD you want to polay (Disc 1 or Disc 2) and just drag the folder of VIDEO_TS into windows media player, or similar programs, and it should read it as if you put a dvd into the computer.
  5. Nobody said anything was wrong with the original. What's wrong with different takes/variations? If that's what they want to do, and they do it well, I am all for it.I don't think that's what will happen though. I think the said remastering is of the live performance of OoS.
  6. Not the ALBUM, just the live Reading set. Remastered, meaning the mix will be different than what you heard on BBC3's broadcast. For example, HAARP was remastered and sounded a bit different than it did live. Anything that goes on to a DVD is going to be remastered. The Uprising and CE 360 Wembley XMAS presents were remastered, and possibly the best remastering of a live performance I have ever heard. Those two seriously sound amazing.
  7. Stockholm Syndrome would be cool, with the lasers and all. As bored as I am of TiRo, it was pretty cool in that festival, with everyone singing. I think my audio captured that nicely, so maybe that would be a cool multi-cam as well.
  8. Put 2 and 2 together. Lolla surely would have broadcasted it if Muse let them. Same with the stream for Kanrocksas. Same with BBC3 and OoS. Surely all these tv/web channels aren't all laughing at us saying "HAHA WE GOT THOSE MUSE FANS GOOD!". No, Muse asks not to be on these broadcasts.
  9. Why we should 100% believe BBC3... Muse cut their own broadcast at Lollapalooza and Kanrocksas. Muse was supposed to broadcast the whole gig at Stubbs during SXSW a few years ago, and had a REALLY crappy excuse (something about someone spilling something on the gear?!) for only showing SS and KoC later on. Maybe they will do something with this stuff on a DVD or Web Release. That won't take away the fact that they misled their hardcore fans into watching that shit broadcast.
  10. Disc 1 of the DVD (first half) (thumbnail looks so cool!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gKIbYmcRlI Thanks! On the Bonus Disc my favorite is probably Unnatural Selection. I was actually 100% sick of it for the last 10 months... but the footage is good and the audio is great, and that performance was pretty amazing. It sounds so good on my system!
  11. The PA system cut out, which is usually an issue with the production, not the venue.
  12. If that kept them in NY, I would be all for them in brooklyn. The power outage wasn't Nassau Coliseum's fault though. That can happen anywhere. And it sounded better than MSG did, that's for sure! But yeah the concourse is awful there. It was so bad-ass when the power went out, they handled it perfectly.
  13. I did the MK Ultra video months ago, and I was too lazy to add more angles. NSC actually came out REALLY REALLY well.
  14. I am the biggest Islanders fan ever, so the highlight of the night for me was the lasers going crazy on those stanley cup banners during New Born! I was going to bring an Islanders jersey to throw on stage but I couldn't afford it! When they played in Dallas the Stars give Matt, Chris and Dom Stars jerseys in the dressing room.
  15. All of THESE performances: 99hFw0u2XlA New Born's power outage and getting to hear the solo TWICE in 5 minutes was pretty unique and cool. Neutron Star Collision was actually quite powerful in LA, IMO. The Bliss performance in LA was unexpected, and IMO better than the Bliss performance from Wembley.
  16. Second night. She was at the soundboard. I am 99% Kurt Russel was also in there. Nobody really noticed because everybody tried to move up!
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