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  1. I love the way he says "FANTASY" in Supremacy. And I love the synths and brass in the track. Pretty much everything about it is amazing. And it is pretty obvious that it is an ode to the Bond theme with some of the parts, especially at the very end.
  2. I spam my social networks with enough muse videos, i dont need to spam them with this crap that makes no sense and doesnt even freaking work unless you use chrome. This was a sad attempt to make the album release go viral... here's a tip when trying to make something go viral: Don't force users to DOWNLOAD software to make it work.
  3. The VERY beginning reminds me of Deftones in a VERY VERY Good way. The song as a whole is amazing. I hope the studio version is at last half as good as it seems live. Either way, looks to be a BIG contender for my favorite muse song.
  4. Yeah but not in recent years. I loved his part in Dead Star in 08 and Hyper Music last year. But yeah, we get pretty spoiled by Matt rarely being off with his vocals on tour... most rock singers have plenty of off performances.
  5. Matt's vocals are brilliant, besides the first "Maaaaaadnessss" like everyone is saying. And it seems like they fixed the missed note on the solo in post production as well, thank god. Chris was brutal though, which is weird because he is usually on point with backup vox. He sounded sick.
  6. Hmm, it reminds me of the Vancouver riot from 2011 (from the result of their hockey team losing in the finals) where the couple was photo'd making out during the riot http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jun/17/vancouver-riot-kiss-photograph-mystery
  7. Hmm, it reminds me of the Vancouver riot from 2011 (from the result of their hockey team losing in the finals) where the couple was photo'd making out during the riot http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jun/17/vancouver-riot-kiss-photograph-mystery
  8. I love the song. The ending is great, but I don't think the first 2 and a half minutes is too long like many. It builds and builds that entire time, I don't think the end would be as powerful if it came after just 1 minute.
  9. Agreed, agreed. But I think if ALL YOU COULD HEAR was the first minute of HCM, you might not feel that way. That's all I am saying, just at least hear this one out before deciding the intro sucks. Maybe the intro fits once you listen all the way through. Well, I think I will go to sleep now. Probably listen to hullabaloo now that I mentioned it. I guess Madness will be available when I wake up. Cheers.
  10. I know I didn't... I am tipsy (I know, bad excuse for a crap post haha) and heard the song and it sounded like it could go somewhere... if it was that one minute looped for 4 minutes, yeah I would hate it. But I think it's just an intro... and a good intro (IF it goes somewhere, which I would think it will). I am not saying this sounds like, and am not trying to compare this song to Hyper Chondriac Music musically... but that is probably my favorite muse song--- it also starts so slow-- and then gets insane. If this song goes that route I think it could be awesome. Fingers are crossed.
  11. I will agree that I didn't formulate a great argument here... however, people judging a song on the first few listens of a PREVIEW have no argument at all. I am not saying Muse fans cannot dislike songs by Muse. Far from that statement. But just don't write off a song as "SHITE" based on a preview. I dunno. I admit, the first bunch of times I even heard Showbiz and OOS I had a hard time listening all the way through. Most Muse songs grow on you over time to appreciate. I guess that is the point I am trying to make... don't write this song off because you are... M-m-m-m-madddd that it sounds quite different (SORRY)
  12. Oh wow, a Muse song that doesn't sound like a previous muse song... lets all go apeshit and say it sucks! I just feel like everyone that wants Muse to make the same sounding songs OVER and OVER again should just go listen to nickelback.
  13. Hey fellow Americans... NBC is showing a LONGER broadcast of the closing ceremony later... Probably on NOW for east coasters. I am thinking Muse might be on that. I'll be recording for sure.
  14. The sound is amazing. The video quality is pretty awful though. Gonna hook my ipad to the TV later and watch and see if it makes it better. Matt seems to forget about his camera's location and turns his backto it for lots of his great guitar work though And no Morgan cam Having said that, it is worth the $7 for the audio alone... although you would hope they would give us MP3's along with the purchase. Oh well. The piano cam gives you a nice view of the videos to each song, by the way. Kinda cool just watching that while listening.
  15. My favorite version of SS is the one from SXSW. Brilliant performance and I like the mix. Good improvs snuck in the song that I haven't heard in any other versions. My favorite performance of Unnatural Selection... the guitar and vocals in the breakdown especially. eM279ozbYpQ IMO the most intense version, and my favorite MK Ultra: xbu6HmZ4LIw And as much as people hate this Neutron Star Collision, it actually sounded quite beefy good here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99hFw0u2XlA&t=8m43s
  16. The only times my ears weren't ringing for hours after a Muse show was the 4 stadium performances and when I saw them do their half-assed concert in Sacramento.
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