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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQokTtNWCEs Some of what is to come... This show was awesome. That's my long review
  2. Bah, I'll get enough sunburn at the A's game today... haha
  3. 1 and 2 are my favorites so far. 3 was ok... 4 is just a couple of dancers with muse playing in the BG, wtf?
  4. Live, Animals outro riff takes it easily for me... On the album, I would have to go with the Supremacy riff. It is pretty much off their Citizen Erased riff in Glasto 2004 / Wembley 2010, and it sounds amazing on the record. I also do really like the guitar at the end of Big Freeze. Love the way the solo kicks in (reminds me of him fucking around before playing Plug In Baby live), and also love the way the song ends exactly like Starlight at Abbet Road http://youtu.be/_-d5Kl1iCes?t=4m12s
  5. And all of a sudden, I have tickets for this one Dead center upper bowl, first row. I'll be getting lasic eye surgery basically.
  6. I wish they would bring back the DMG version, and just alternate it with MotP. Either getting one or the other would be a win.
  7. MSG is a premier venue in a big market much like Staples Center, Los Angeles... they usually play 1 or 2 songs more than the rest of the tour. I predict PiB will get played, or at least we won't get a shorter set like the've been rocking since they left Los Angeles.
  8. You shouldn't be making statements that are based of "apparent facts" which are false. The only arena show of the 20+ I have gone to in the states that had less than 10,000 people was in Sacramento.
  9. Got an email from ticketmaster. It's official. Probably weren't selling nearly enough tickets. They did give exclusive offers for the shows in MSG and iZod... some really good tickets actually. EDIT: It said in the email it was due to a scheduling conflict.
  10. I've been behind the stage for two muse shows. One in MSG, I was in the 200's directly behind. Sound was EXCELLENT. And the view couldn't have been any better, I mean we were like right on top of the guys. The other time was at Staples Center... I was behind the stage but on the lower level front row. SOUNDS like it would be amazing, right? No. I was almost BELOW stage level, so the railing blocked view of the guys a lot. Matt and Chris walked by 3 or 4 times, which was cool for close ups, but other than that the view was poor. But the WORST thing was that the sound was awful. They must not have done a sound check back there, or maybe I wasn't high enouhg (makes sense, the speakers are quite elevated). I was shocked because the last 4 times I saw them at Staples it sounded amazing, whether I was in GA, side stage lower level, or upper deck side stage. I guess I would say Go for it, but try not to get lower level if those become available. Stick to the 200 or 300 sections behind the stage. EDIT: Here is a video I took behind the stage at MSG last time around http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pq9fQtGUcI The sound is muffled because of the recording device I used, it sounded way better live.
  11. Hmm, maybe my recording got messed up for ONLY Sign O The Times because Prince hacked my computer when I was transferring.
  12. Seriously. I mean trust me I love Dead Star, and want it to be played as much as anyone... heck, I tweeted to Chris requesting it before the LA Shows in 2010 (which by the way did include dead star riffage during the famous riffgasm session two nights after) https://twitter.com/TonyBullony/status/25437856690 But the video I saw of people yelling DEAD STAR over and over again during Starlight made me cringe.
  13. like the movement, but shouting dead star in the middle of the crowd's chance to sing along to starlight is ridiculously rude to the people that want to enjoy the song that IS being played.
  14. I wonder if the whole thing will be streamed. It'll prob be a half hour set... but hey that's almost as long as a headline concert by Muse in Sacramento!
  15. That would be awesome... and it would be even better now that I know to stay by the back speaker stack
  16. So to be clear, there IS a buffet that is PREPAID, right? I am not expecting free alcohol, but the high price I paid will be much more tolerable if there is a buffet included with no extra BS charge. Also, has the VIP been AT THE VENUE for every concert?
  17. Here is Plug in baby, new born, IS and uprising http://youtu.be/qTr6zHNiBkc
  18. Listening to the bootlegs from Japan... those crowds are so respectful. I should go see them there one day.
  19. It was damn brutal. They arrived 5 minutes before Muse went on, and started shouting. I looked at my friend like "oh no... please no". They like... left for the first half of the concert, which was hilarious. Then they came back right before Monty Jam, and were shouting all through the quiet songs. I actually felt it in me to turn around and punch a girl in the face... of course, I didn't because that's wrong. I actually turned around 5 times and just stared at them for long periods of time seeing if they would even notice that there are people around them trying to enjoy a concert. They were robots and didn't even miss a beat in their shouting match. It totally ruined that part of the concert for me... I am actually really happy I went through the pain of recording though, because the shouting isn't as bad on camera. And once the quiet section ends they can't be heard. EDIT: By the way I am uploading the messed up section to YT now... should only take another 6 hours
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