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  1. Biffy will go on at 8... so you will have an hour before they go on, and another 30 minutes between their set and Muse's. That's plenty of time to spend at the party.
  2. Now that I see the show is actually starting at 8, and not 7, I am confused. The people running the VIP party seem to think the show starts at 7. I'll find out more. But Ticketmaster now says 8PM, so Biffy = 8:00, Muse = 9:15/9:20 if everything goes as it has gone all tour.
  3. Staples day one and day two they hit the stage at 8:20. day three at 8:50.
  4. Ohhh, thanks! He will have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's great he enjoyed himself.
  5. Muse themselves had a poll, on their website, OFFICIALLY RUN BY THEM where fans could vote for songs at each gig a few years ago. It ended up meaning absolutely nothing in the end. What makes you think some facebook page run by a fan is going to magically have connections with the band where some poorly put together poll will get them to play something!?
  6. You also have to factor in that youtube didn't allow HD uploads until like 2008/09. So stuff from the BHaR era are not only older cameras, but the uploads were all equal to any video you see now, but wit hthe 240p option selected. There are some great videos of the BHaR tours on youtube, but I wish the uploaders would find a way to re-upload them in better quality now that youtube supports it.
  7. Well, that's the "official" time. But they've been pretty consistent. They basically hit the stage 80 minutes after the printed showtime, so expect the show to start at 8:20.
  8. Shoot, feel free to remove the audio and post just the video of it anyway! Some people would love to use your camera angle for multicam projects (perhaps myself). I have audio of the entire gig, so I could use it, especially since I didn't get video! Great video by the way!
  9. Well Matt is never near any mics during these performances, so it is either Morgan, or just subtle playback. It's almost inaudible, extremely quiet and subtle, so I am guessing it is playback.
  10. After much pestering, I got some of this TOP SECRET information...
  11. I dunno, I think them riffing it in Vegas makes it clear that they DO know the real fans want it. Maybe they will rehearse it and whip it out for a Madison Square Garden show. I'd crap my pants.
  12. Yeah, the CO2 and the light show are kick ass, and I like it better with the pyramid already revealed. My favorite highlights from this show were Liquid State (Chris changed it up a bit vocally, seemed more into it) and Survival has really grown on me live. It gets better each time I hear it live. Also, if anyone can figure out exactly what Matt said during Starlight, I would love to know! The "shoulder" and "land of the free" stuff is hilarious before Panic Station and the Star Spangled Banner. EDIT: Also, the video should be in 720p / 1080p sometime soon
  13. Ohhh thank you! A little bit more relieved now. How was the food, and did they serve it early enough so that you didn't have to miss the opening act? Now I am just going to bombard you with questions haha.
  14. Entire gig on youtube, very very very good audio GwAh23SEmv0 Will upload FLAC to musebootlegs any day now.
  15. For people who have had VIP seats... 1: When in the party do they serve food? 2. Is the food good? 3. How much allotment of food does everyone get? 4. Was your VIP party in the venue? Could you walk to your seats when the party is over? 5. Were the drink prices out of hand at the bar? 6. Were there free non-alcoholic drinks? 7. Did the VIP treatment end once you went to your seats? 8. Any other goodies not mentioned in the package? I still haven't seen anything on if VIP ended up being worth it to anyone. I have VIP seats to MSG and I just go the hard tickets in the mail. The tickets are nothing special, in fact I know people that didn't get VIP seats, yet have better seated tickets than me for paying only $65 a pop. So basically, I am paying almost $200 additional for a tote bag, a water bottle, a poster, and food. I am bringing my family with me and we are trying to plan our day in NYC. This includes where we eat before the show. Obviously we aren't going to go and eat somewhere before if we expect the food in the VIP party to be more than "appetizers". Has anyone on this forum been satisfied with the VIP package? I am starting to regret the purchase, as they won't even tell us when or where the party is. The only thing I have heard is that the party runs through the set of the opening act, which is ridiculous.
  16. Uploading the entire gig to youtube now. Audio sounds amazing, and my view was also incredible for the laser show, dead center elevated to see everything. I'll also get to uploading FLACs to musebootlegs as well.
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