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    I learned fried chicken at the school of hard knocks. Ain't that right Mr. Jack?!
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    All that can be done on soft and supple fabric
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    I could roll out my list, but it stretches as far as the eye can see.
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    Jamie's Prison Dinners
  1. It's a bit of a ghostly contest this, perhaps I could win two in a row here by default: There was a young woman called Maria Who had an acute bout of gonorrhea She opened her twat and pissed on the mat And the pain was rather severe Top that?
  2. This one really stirred up nothing for me, I'll have to wait for the next one.
  3. Nobody with any ideas? It's been a few days and we still have squat, less than squat even. We have what flakes of squat's scalp after a few days without washing. If it has to be Muse song titles as themes, then why not just pick one from 'Sober', 'Hysteria' 'Blackout', 'Assassin'?
  4. If you were to extend it I'd feel obliged to meet the new deadline for fear of great shame, but I'm afraid personally I'm not going to meet the current one.
  5. Oh shit it seems I've been a bit of a scatterbrain and missed this thread in the midst of a pretty fertile writing period for myself. Hope another competition follows. EDIT: Fuck it, just realised I have 6 days. I may give this a crack.
  6. The air is crisp and pure a day of such allure framed with the buzz of nature The sun is shining but I am pining for a spot of slap and tickle
  7. So this Rose...is she hot to trot?
  8. Get your coats, you've pulled.
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