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    Well, Hi everyone! :3 I'm Lucy (Other worldly known as ShadowBarrowman) I'm a Muse fan *waves MUSE Flag* :D And I love anything scary and Sci-Fi and Muse <3
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    I Love drawing, writting reading LOL Listening to Muse ;) And anything Sci-Fi-y and werid and wonderful :D
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    Working at Waterstones soon :3
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    Muse of course D: umm.... Radiohead, The Killers (Old Stuff), My Chemical Romance, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Kerli, Bowling For Soup, A few Slipknot and Fall Out Boy songs :S Anything Rock/Heavy-ish :D
  • Favourite Films
    Quentin Tarantino films are awesome :3 Silent HIll, The Scream Movies *lol*, Saw (<3), On The Buses, umm... Anything Horror/comedy, Oh! Simon Pegg films <3
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Torchwood, Doctor Who, Eastenders (lol!), Being Human, The Simpsons, Family Guy, lots of different Anime's :3
  • Favourite Books
    The Torchwood books, Manga, anything Fanstay, Horror, Sci-Fi and sometimes a Comedy or Romance D:
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Origin of Symmetry
    The Resistance
    Hullabaloo DVD
    Absolution DVD
    Resistance Boxset
    Out Of This World (Book)
    Two T-shirts
    and A Poster and Keyring :3
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    ;_; I've missed them most times when they've been nearby, Sorry guys! ONE DAY D:< one daaaaaaay
  1. Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy new year! :xmas:

  2. Hi there...:happy: Sorry, I just happened to notice that you're from little old Plymouth :awesome: So am I. :D

  3. LOL, ah true :( All the good guys are gay :( that or they are members of Muse and impossable to find xDDDDD <3 LOL

  4. Me too! He's so cute! *wishes he wasn't gay*

    :D It is a pretty good picture, I do have to say! :D

    He's a cowboy :p

  5. xDD Oh I'd imagen they would do :awesome: LOL It be so awesome if you did see em there one day :D

  6. D: OMFG! How lucky indeed! :( I'd love to chat with him outside the stage doors :D

    :awesome: LOL! That has got to be the most epicest group and the most epicest picture xDDD

    ;) Everyone loves a Barrowman crouch grab xDDD

  7. He's such a star <3 LOL We are SO awesome :3
  8. Well I dont know the exact loaction... unless the Market person was lying to me...grrr... but he did say that theyd come to Camden Market or what have you. :awesome: xD

  9. Here ya go : http://board.muse.mu/group.php?groupid=527


    - I hope you like the screen picture :chuckle: I do :D

  10. I bet it is! I hope he comes out afterwards so I can see him face to face and get his autograph!

    Yeah, she's seen him a few times! Got a picture with him - She's so lucky!

    I will create the group and send you the link!

  11. LOL :awesome: :O YOu actully know were he LIVES D: That's totally double awesome! :awesome: :awesome: :D hehee, You should question him ;) xDDDDD

  12. :awesome: It's bound to be another awesome night ^_^

    :O Really? well, at least you know of one other xDD LOL There are only 3 of us so far, who knows, maybe there be many more :O

  13. Aww! Now I can't wait!

    We should! I want to know just how many BarrowMusers there are! I know one other!

  14. I could.. find out-ish...I kind-ish of know where Noel Fielding lives... could go and stalk... and yeaaah I've said too much already. :awesome: *Hi-fives* :awesome: (yes there is a double awesome face!!!)

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