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  1. Don't get me wrong RBS is a better song it was fantastic to get, but we'd both seen it before and I assured my girlfriend that there would be a Showbiz song this time since they'd unfailingly played Falling Down up to this point.


    I'd happily trade with you if it's not played again.

  2. Awesome gig, didn't know about the soundcheck so RBS was totally out of the blue for me. I was so sure we were guaranteed a Showbiz song for this gig, but I guess my girlfriend will have to try for a Showbiz song again next year, having just missed out 5 times now.


    I'd be happy with RBS over any Showbiz song.

  3. I appreciate the effort made to give fans a chance before other, but this was the worst experience I've had with buying a ticket or anything else online for that matter. I had payment taken three times in my account for one ticket in the pre-sale, before any money was meant to be taken from any account according to the information given in the News section.

    In the end, I "won" a ticket, but even after I received my confirmation email at 4 in the morning, money was still being held from me and another payment was taken out, bringing the total to about £260 being made unavailable for a £65 transaction.

    I'm lucky I had the funds available at the time, because I doubt they'd have taken the payment if they'd sunk me so far into an overdraft.


    I like the idea of stopping new memberships being created during a presale, but that seems a little redundant, seeing how many touts will have made accounts by now. But that could be remedied with a verification question a Muser would likely know the answer to, as mentioned above.

    As for having this pre-sale as a lottery, I think that was the best way to do it, as a first come first serve service is hardly fair on fans without access to the internet at the time it starts.


    If, as many people are claiming, money was withdrawn from their accounts and/or still being held after their applications were unsuccessful, it would also be interesting to know if that money was held in an interest-bearing account.


    That is a very interesting idea. Unfortunately.

  4. Just got this from CrowdSurge after asking them why more money'd been taken from my account.


    You will be notified by tomorrow morning whether you are successful with your application or not. If a payment has been taken that is a good sign. The pre authorisation transactions will drop off now as we are sending cancelation codes through.


    I guess they're aiming to get everything done by tomorrow now. Going to be a long night.

  5. 'When the application window closes, Muse Members will be verified, duplicate submissions will be removed and successful applicants will be chosen at random and allocated their requested tickets by Wednesday 13th June.'


    So that means as of yet no one needs to worry.


    That suggests it'll all be done today.

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